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How to Make a Raven Costume

My daughter is going to be raven this year for Halloween.  The base of the costume was a lovely long tutu from last year’s dance performance.

It was easy to add the other elements of the costume with such a good start.

I looked around the internet and found a template for a costume on Martha Stewart.

We used her download template to make the collar and the beak of the costume.

We cut the template out with the specified tabs at the neck.

This allowed us to hot glue a length of grosgrain ribbon at the collar so it could tie around the neck.

The next step was gluing on the rows of feathers.

Luckily this was a job that my daughter could do with a little help with the hot glue gun.

When all the feathers were glued, we glued a length of sequin to cover the ugly tops of the feathers.

Martha beak was made from paper, but we preferred foamies sprinkled with black glitter.  It was a nice improvement, both comfortable and looks great.

We added a fun black feather boa and a raven is taking shape.

We can hardly wait to for Halloween!

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4 Responses to “How to Make a Raven Costume”

  • Nancy:

    So cute! I’d love to make this for my girls, but I’d need a tutu. And some feathers. And black foam board. And suddenly, it’s overwhelming and I think: they can wear sheets and be ghosts.

  • I love it!! I adore the fall, and anything related and this costume is adorable!! I wonder if my daughter Brinley would let me make her a raven. Hmmmm….

  • Thanks for posting your experience with this costume! I’m attempting to make it for myself this year and I find the lack of pictures on the MS site to be unfortunate. It’s hard to visualize what I should be doing, based only on the directions. It helped to see how you did it. Thanks again.

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