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Felt Slipper Pattern

Several people have asked about the pattern for our favorite felted slippers that my mother-in-law, Kit, makes for us.  I’ve done a bit of checking and they are a Fiber Trend Pattern called Felt Clogs.  She uses one pattern for children and another for adults.  Here’s a link to purchase the pattern from Fiber Trends as a downloadable PDF.  If you prefer a hard copy pattern (mailed to you) here’s a link to purchase the Felt Clogs Pattern for Adults and for children.

Kit tells me the pattern is well written and is fast to make.  It does take a lot of counting and concentration and is suitable for an intermediate knitter.  They have a double sole that is comfortable and helps them last.  You do need to use 100% worsted weight wool for the felting to work.  Kit buys her wool from the Wool Cabin in Salt Lake City, which is also where she bought her patterns.

If you’ve never been there and you are in Utah, The Wool Cabin is one of my favorite shops.  They have a great selection of yarns and patterns, but that’s not the only reason I love the Wool Cabin.  The ladies there have been so sweet to our family.  I used to knit there every Wednesday when my son was a new baby.  We would sit around and knit and laugh.  My son was officially dubbed the “Wool Cabin Baby.”

When I was pregnant with my twin girls I started knitting little Debbie Bliss sweaters for them.  I was halfway through the first sweater when the unexpected happened.   I went into early labor and ended up having my girls at 26 weeks.  Unknown to me, Allison, one of the owners of The Wool Cabin, arranged to get the yarn and finish the sweaters for me.  It was the sweetest gift.  If you drop in, be sure to say hi from me.

It’s snowing and cold here and we are very happy to be wearing our cozy slippers.

I will be posting sporadically until after the New Year since we have lots of fun in our plans.  I wish you all the same!

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7 Responses to “Felt Slipper Pattern”

  • I have made many many pairs of these slippers! A note to the budget conscious: get a suede jacket from the thrift store and save yourself some dollars by making your own soles. They usually run $16/pair, so the slippers get a bit pricey by the time you buy a pair of soles for each pair you knit. I got 3 pair of soles out of one jacket I bought for $10 =)
    Enjoy your toasty tootsies!

  • Tricia:

    I just bought my pattern for $5 at Jimmy Beans Wool and used the coupon code SIMPLESCARF for free shipping! Thank you so much for sharing this pattern.

  • elsa:

    I was one of those people asking about the pattern. thanks so much for linking those of us who wanted it! Very kind of you to take the time.

  • Kar:

    I so agree with Stephanie. Get some suede some how and cover the bottom of the slippers. That is the one down side to these wonderful slippers is how fast the bottom sole will wear out if you don’t. That is the one reason why I stopped making them for my family. Not worth the time or money put into them if the soles will become all holes so fast. They do keep your feet toasty though.

    • Trace the bottom of your finished, felted slipper. Cut the suede sole this shape + seam allowance. Cut another piece of suede about 1 3/4″ wide and circumference of the sole piece, seam together to make circle. Sew the two together on your machine with a 1/2″ seam allowance with a leather needle. Use a leather friendly sewing needle to attach the sole to your felted slipper with a blanket stitch and upholstery thread. Makes these babies last until your small people feet outgrow them or you are ready for a new color!

  • Alexa:

    I just bought that pattern and am looking forward to making a pair for myself to take along when traveling. I have a feeling they’ll be perfect for stuffing into a corner of my suitcase and feeling a bit more at home on long trips. Plus I have a ton of hand wash only yarn given to me by friends who gave up on knitting. Even several skeins of 80% wool, 20% possum yarn.

    Thanks for all the great inspiration post after post after post!

  • cindi sarchet:

    I do not like this pattern. I have made these slippers several times trying to get the right fit. The slippers felt perfectly but the finished project seems to be to big. The sizes are not a true U.S. shoe size. I have even tried putting them in the dryer to shrink them. I really want to find a better pattern.

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