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Crystal Snowflakes

I think I must have snowflakes on the brain.  It’s finally snowing here, which makes it feel like Christmas.  I love the snow!  I love playing in it and I love being cozy in my house when it’s snowing outside.  A good storm makes me want to work on a project or to curl up with a good book.  (Curling up with a good book doesn’t happen enough, that’s for sure.)

I have been asked to help my son’s third grade class make a gift so, I experimented with this lovely and very easy crystal snowflake from Martha Stewart.  It couldn’t have been easier. I used white pipe cleaners, my favorite Mighty 20 Mule Team Borax, boiling water and a small amount of blue food coloring.  For the how to click on over to Martha.  Borax is available at most grocery stores in the cleaning isle.

Later this week I will be helping my son’s 3rd grade class make these crystal snowflakes… with 26 students it should be a lot of fun.  Now I just need to brush up on my science to explain how and why the minerals crystallize.

Tomorrow I will share an easy way to embellish an inexpensive pair of gloves with little snowflakes to make a perfect quick gift for the Holidays.

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11 Responses to “Crystal Snowflakes”

  • I love borax snowflakes, they are so cool!

  • Lori:

    Nancy showed me your snowflakes yesterday. They are just incredible! I would like to make them for my home. You might just have an extra friend in there on Thursday!!!

  • I’ll probably do this, but I’d much rather use sugar! I’ll letcha know how/if it turns out!

  • Those are beautiful! Sounds like an easy project that I’ll have to try sometime. I bought a bunch of snowflakes a while ago at Tai Pan though. Too bad. These look just as nice and probably won’t cost as much. The kids and their families are pretty lucky to be taking home such a darling gift!

  • sandy:

    Can you use the solution for more than one snowflake?

    • I am going to try that out and I’ll let you know. I posted that same question at Martha Stewart, but haven’t had a response. All the best, Calli

  • Tracy:

    I’m a 2nd grade teacher and I’d love to do this craft with my students. Do they have to be hung in jars? Could they be hung in large plastic cups? I don’t think I could gather enough jars by next week. Do you think it would be safe to do with 2nd graders? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

  • Wanda:

    Thanks so much for such encouraging ideas

  • I have been stalking all blogs known to me today looking for ways to decorate my kitchen table for winter, you know after Christmas but before Valentines Day! I am going to make a white patchwork table runner with these crystal (maybe in silver and pale blue) snowflakes laying on top and some candles.

    Thank you, I can go relax now. Oh only after I make a trail snowflake in the only color pipe cleaners I have red and green.


  • Keri:

    Do the snowflakes have to be completely submerged in the solution? Do you have a recommendation for a container to do it in?

    • Calli:

      Hi Keri, yes the snowflakes do have to be completely submerged and they can’t touch while submerged. The container was tricky when doing them for a 3rd grade class. We ended up using several different options. The first was a large plastic storage bin. We were able to get the most snowflakes into this at once so it worked well for volume. We also used a plastic trick-or-treat bucket and a plastic dishwasher detergent container.

      Good luck.


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