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Christmas Cards Hanging on the Line

I’ve been looking for a way to display all the Christmas cards we receive each year.

In years past they’ve been lined up along the back of my entry table…. and looked a real mess.   I’ve seen a few solutions that cost money, too much money.

Then I spotted this Land of Nod Holiday Work of Art Clips in my last catalog.  It looked like a perfect way to display our cards.  It also looked like something I could make myself.

I was able to pick up the necessary supplies at my local craft store.  I was even able to use a 50% coupon, so the project cost me around $2.

First step was to add the picture hanging clip to the back.

Then I painted the acrylic paint in white and let it dry.  Then I drew the peppermint candy swirls with a pencil.  Then painted in the red.

Tie on thin ribbon or twine.
And hang it up on the wall.  I did consider painting my mini clothes pins.  But I’m still not sure I want to.  I kind of like the natural.

I am going to make a second row to hold the kids holiday art.  I love my new card hanger!  It was easy, inexpensive and looks just how I hoped.

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9 Responses to “Christmas Cards Hanging on the Line”

  • Super cute! Love your ideas : )

  • Very cute! You do have nice & easy ideas :)

    We just hang all ours (with tape) on the closet door close in the same room that our Christmas tree is in.

  • Lara:

    I just found your website about a week ago, and I just had to let you know that I love it. It’s as if somebody has snuck into my brain and made a blog out of all the ideas I wish I had time to think of. I love all of the different categories you have since these are all the places I wish I had more ideas. I consider myself somewhat crafty, but I lack the creativity to make up my own ideas. So far I’ve made the potpouri for myself and friends/teachers/family, your Cinco de Mayo enchiladas (which the filling also makes a great chip dip), and I am planning on buying the supplies for your newest craft project. It certainly looks better than my simple twine strung acoss our mantle. Thank you. Love your blog!

  • Oh thank you!!!! I have hung a Santa in a sleigh connected to reindeer with yarn for years using thumbtacks, but with our remodel I don’t want to thumbtack the newly painted walls. Your idea is AWESOME!

    I like the natural look, too. You could also see if you can get some mini red ones. This site has 25 for $2.50.

    Stef at TooMuchToDoSoLittleTime.com

  • Jan:

    Cute idea.
    I hang mine on our staircase railing going upstairs along with some draped garland…very festive! So bare when it all comes down.

    Love, love, love the potpourri too simmering on my stove!

  • Meaghan:

    Gorgeous – I created a wall “ladder” with stiff wire edged xmas ribbon as the two main arms down the sides and festive glitter twine as the rungs. Then used coloured mini pegs to attach the cards. I too have my house smelling of the beautiful potpourri – even wrapped some up as small gifts. Thanks for taking the time to share your brilliant ideas.

  • Janel B.:

    Just happened upon this brilliant post! Can’t wait to try it. What are the round wooden things called so I know what to look for at a craft store? This is exactly what I’ve been looking for any other idea I’ve come across is a little bit tacky or too cluttered.

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