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Aunt Ev’s Favorite Dish Cloth Pattern

A few people have asked for the dish cloth pattern that my mom knitted for my birthday.

The pattern comes from her Aunt (and my Great Aunt) Evalyn.

I’ve gotten started knitting dish cloths to give as gifts for birthdays and Christmas.  I love using them for washing dishes and wiping down my counters.  They have such a nice scrubby feel.

Aunt Evalyn recommends Lily Sugar ‘n Cream yarn to make these dish cloths, since it’s 100% cotton.  It’s even on sale this week at Michaels for $1.29.  One skein makes 2 dish cloths.

I’ve created a free pattern for the dish cloth from the instructions sent to me by Aunt Evalyn.  To download the pattern click here.

Thanks Aunt Ev for sharing your wonderful pattern!

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19 Responses to “Aunt Ev’s Favorite Dish Cloth Pattern”

  • That’s beautiful! I’m pinning this right now.

  • Katy:

    Beautiful things like this make me want to learn to knit!


  • Debra:

    Thanks so much for the timely tip on how to pick a watermelon. I went to the grocery last night and bought two of the little watermelons and turned them all over to look at their bottoms before selecting. I was amazed at how many had pristine bottoms, with no sign of ripening on the ground!

  • Why, that’s the same dishcloth pattern I’ve been using for years! My mom used it and so did my grandma. My great-grandma probably did the same! It makes an awesome face-cloth too. And it’s simple enough for even the newest knitter to do. I’ve made small ones — about 4 inches square — to give to new mothers as perfect little cloths to wash small hands and faces. Thanks for sharing it!!

  • Kristie:

    Thanks for sharing this. I love those kind of dish cloths, but have had no good pattern. So excited to try!

  • Mary Ellen:

    This pattern makes a great easy baby blanket too. Just use a bigger needle and some thick cuddly yarn, keep knitting until your square is the size you want.

  • Betsy:

    I love these. I have received these as gifts from my grandma and great aunt. These are awesome and I love that they are handed down from generation to generation.

  • Linda:

    Love the colours! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I have a train journey tomorrow and I think this is just the project to take with me. Just wondering what “increase on 2cd stitch” means? Or is that meant to be “2nd”?

    • Calli:

      Hi Linda, I’d love to be going on a train journey, how wonderful! Since a picture is worth a thousands words, take a look at this video on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cibdJgOayHk She is increasing on the first stitch. For the dish cloth, knit 1 and then do what she does on the second stitch. The video makes it far clearer than I ever could! Happy knitting and traveling, Calli

  • Mary Ann B:

    Thank you for sharing this! I taught myself how to knit this past winter (after crocheting for MANY years!) and it’s nice to have a quick project to take a break from the big ones I work on!

  • Jen:

    Hello – I am a very new knitter – have only knitted plain square washcloths so far as a way to learn. I’d love to try this and it seems like a good next step! However, I only have size 8 needles. Will it be a disaster if I use those ones instead? I know there is a difference in the sizes, but not sure how that translates practically for something like this project. Thanks!

    • Calli:

      Hi Jen, It certainly won’t be a disaster! The dish cloth will just be a little bit bigger and looser. If it is getting too big, you could stop with less than 49 stitches before starting to decrease. If the cloth is too loose, I’d wash your finished cloth in hot water since cotton will shrink. Good luck and happy knitting, Calli

  • Lisa:

    Quick question; when you say to keep decreasing until 8 stitches remain, do you mean on your needle?

  • Eileen:

    where can I get this pattern

  • [...] recipe comes from my Great Aunt Evelyn (the same Aunt that shared my favorite dishcloth pattern).  This cookie was served at her granddaughter’s wedding.  I’ve modified her recipe [...]

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