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Hanging by a Thread

Somethings a little askew with Emma today.

She is definitely out of sorts.

Could it be that her front tooth is hanging by a thread?

I have a snaggle-tooth daughter.  I’m sort of getting a Nanny McPhee vibe.

Her sister Lily tried to show her how easy it is to pull out your top front teeth.  She’s lost both of them recently after all.  “Just push back, then forward, then side to side.  Then give it a hard yank.  That’s all I did.  Don’t be a fraidy cat!”

Ben even offered to give it the hard yank.  To which Emma surprisingly agreed.

But to no avail.  He yanked, she cried.  But he was sure he heard it pop…  “Just let me try again Emma.  I’m sure it will come out this time.”  Fool me twice she thinks.  No way.  I’ll try it myself.

But, try as she might, it’s still hanging by a thread.

At least for now.

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