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Valentine Giveaway!

Just in time for Valentine’s Day… and because love is in the air…

Make it Do is giving away a beautiful Pink Chandelier necklace….

This gorgeous necklace has not one or two… but four charms.  Each of the charms comes with a swivel clip so you can interchange them easily.  Clip one to bracelet chain… or add one to another necklace.

Each pendant is handmade with clear beveled glass and is hand soldered.

I love the “Be Mine” charm…   This necklace is glittery and sweet, just like Valentine’s Day.

I received a Pink Chandelier necklace for Christmas this year… and I love it.  It’s my college team… a Utah Utes charm and necklace.  My girls got Pink Chandelier necklaces for Christmas too.  Their necklaces have dainty little monogram charms with a bird on the other side…. so sweet.

If you are interested in their wonderful jewelry check out : The Pink Chandelier Blog.


Leave a comment on what treats you love for Valentine’s Day….  Is it chocolate?  Homemade sugar cookies?  Or is jewelry the way to your heart?  Maybe it’s foot massage?


One entry per person, please.

Contest will end on Thursday, February 4…. at 10:00 PM Mountain Time.

The winner will be announced on Friday morning.

And many, many thanks to Pink Chandelier for sponsoring this fun Giveaway!


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155 Responses to “Valentine Giveaway!”

  • I love homemade gifts. Cookies, brownies, even homemade cards are way better then store bought ones!

  • Brittany:

    I love chocolate and jewelery!! Love the cute charms, a must on my to get list!!

  • Shelena Shamo:

    Adorable giveaway. My favorite thing about Valentine’s is all the Pink that’s around and of course the chocolates.

  • Robin:

    My favorite gift ever was a gift certificate to go with a girlfriend to a spa in Vegas. So thoughtful!

  • Megan:

    I love their jewelry! And my favorite Valentine’s Day treat is chocolate-covered cinnamon bears… oh, and chocolate-covered strawberries. Probably chocolate-covered anything…

  • I always enjoy chocolate! However my favorite Valentine’s treat is when my husband does something that shows he put thought into the day instead of grabbing something ready made from Walgreens!

  • Elizabeth:

    The best Valentine’s gift is jewelry and chocolate!!

  • Rose:

    Ooh, what a lovely necklace. I love jewelry so I hope I win. I’ve been way more interested in all the heart crafts this year for some reason. PS Thanks for the baking soda/vinegar reminder–I used it this morning as a maintenance type thing.

  • Lisa:

    beautiful little charms!
    i love surprises… so anything that surprises me is my favorite Valentine’s Day gift.

  • What a lovely necklace, and a great giveaway! Jewelry is my favorite valentine gift second would be dark chocolate!

  • I love time alone with the hubby!

  • Danzel:

    From the kids, I love anything homemade. From the hubby, while chocolate and flowers are nice, nothing beats a full housecleaning. A clean house (that I had nothing to do with) is the way to this woman’s heart!

  • Kristin Y:

    I love the homemade gifts my daughter brings home from daycare.

  • ooo how fun!

    I love dark chocolate….anything, really. :) I just love to give tons of hugs and kisses on Valentine’s day…but it isn’t much different from another day, I guess. I spread the love all the time.

  • Sheila:

    I LOVE chocolate on Valentine’s Day!… Thank you for the chance to win one of these gorgeous necklaces!

  • Amanda Q:

    I love flowers and a good old foot/back rub. My hubby last year got me a day of pampering so much fun. I love to be taken care of since i do the taking care of all day =)

  • Dana:

    I still love those crunchy candy hearts. I don’t mind flowers either. :)

  • Carole:

    My DH knows that I would rather get a nice pair of earings than flowers but this year since I’m laid off I think we’ll be doing a pizza and netflix movie for V-Day.

    Beautiful necklace!

  • Treats; I love sugared, hot hearts…. and hot lips… Presents; a quiet romantic dinner with my husband… oh, and I love chocolate too! (but I eat that all year round!!)

  • A handmade (or well-thought-out) gift is my favorite kind! I just love the sweetness of Valentine’s day.

  • Perfect necklass for Valentines Day. I am happy with anything chocolate, but especially chocolate truffles.

  • How cute! :)

    I love chocolate-covered strawberries, lemon-sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting, and I am a sucker for flowers. I’m fine if you get them AFTER Valentine’s (they are WAY less expensive), but I think flowers always liven up your house :) I love them. Valentine’s is so much fun :)

  • For Valentines day I love it when my husband gets me a gift cert. for a little pampering (massage, mani/pedi, any spa type service really!) and a heartfelt card. From my kids – homemade valentines melt my heart :) Flowers are also a big hit with me.
    That necklace is Bee-u-ti-ful! Cool givaway :)

  • I have to admit I think jewelery is the best treat for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for such a lovely giveaway.

  • Cathy:

    I love being able to spend Valentine’s Day with my husband and two young boys…that is what makes it special for me. Although a little chocolate is a good thing too! :)

  • My hubby knows that a good foot rub will make just about anything in my life right! (along with a big bag of M&Ms or Double Stuf Oreos!)

  • My favorite is chocolate fondue but I also love that my husband brings home flowers for me and flowers for our little girl. :)

  • Debbie:

    The necklace is very pretty. For Valentine’s Day I like to make a very special dinner for my husband and perhaps a yummy dessert as well. Just being together is enough for me.

  • Nancy:

    Anything unexpected is a real treat. But candy is always a winner!

  • Paula McKinlay:

    We have had a special fondue dinner on Valentines Day, we have done this for 34 years, just the two of us, then three, four, six and finally seven of us. But it is still just as special.

  • What a lovely adorable necklace ♥

    What I would love for Valentine is a big hug from my brother who lives in Thailand. He’s my only living ralative, so that would make MY day. Nothing else, just a hug ♥ (Oh maybe he could bring me a box of chocolates lol)

  • K.:

    i love having a few hours for a nice dinner with my husband. (minus all things kiddie … at a place that doesn’t give a toy withy our meal.) it’s a blessing for both of us.

  • Carol A:

    I love the Heart Boxes from See’s candy that are filled with all my favorite chocolates. As a child we always got a heart box of chocolates from our parents on Valentines day from See’s. Jewelery is also a wonderful gift from hubby! Great giveaway!

  • See’s chocolate’s and some bling with a hint of pink in it.

  • shari:

    any gift would be a favorite! my hubby isn’t big on giving gifts but he does lots of loving things for me every day.

  • Heart shaped Reece’s Penut Butter Cup! Yummmmm!

  • Hilary:

    I love, love, love frosted Sugar Cookies. With almond extract. Delish.

  • That is so cute! I really like that you can add/remove the charms.

  • Anne Marie:

    I love flowers and homemade frosted heart-shaped cookies – yummy.

  • Rebecca:

    Chocolate!! Of course, I’d love this necklace, too. Fun giveaway!

  • Time… All I want this year from my wonderful Hubby, is time with him. To talk, to laugh and connect. Life seems to have been extra hectic recently.

    The charms are beautiful off to check out the link now :)

  • Annie:

    my favorite “treat” is my husband and daughter giving me cards. I just love the thought that in their day they had to take even 5 mins to just think of ME. we all forget sometimes to just take time to think of each other.

    but hey i don’t say no to flowers and candy.

  • McKelle:

    Sugar cookies for sure. But they have to be really soft. Crunchy sugar cookies are a no no.

  • Arlee:

    i love anything chocolate and having dinner with just my husband!

  • Jaylene:

    I love chocolate – any kind will do. And all the love that goes around this time of year.

  • Aleta:

    I love chocolate and hearts and jewelry of course! This weekend I am teaching teen girls to make cake truffles for their loved ones. I’m sure I’ll have to sample!!

  • Michelle:

    I LOVE carmel apples! We make them each year for my kids teachers! We always make lots of extras so we can eat them too!! Yummy!

  • Margaret:

    How cute!!

    I just love having a nice dinner together! I’ll usually try to make it heart shaped–pizza, etc.

  • I am looking forward to nice Italian food and a date with my husband. :) Possibly even without any babies… would be the first in 22 months, if so! Not sure I can leave my 9 month old, though… still pondering. But either way, yummy pasta! :)

  • Sher:

    Gotta love those sugar cookies! Lately though I have become quite fond of jewelry. This is the cutest necklace. Thanks for the opportunity.

  • My favorite valentine treat is being surprised. I never know what my mister is going to do for me… it could be candy, flowers, a fun date or all of the above. Thank you for the gorgeous giveaway! :)

  • Jane B:

    The best gift I ever received for Valentine’s was twenty years ago this year when my son was born. Hard to top that, but my husband does get me chocolate covered strawberries every year from Cummings. Oh so good!

  • Briana:

    I adore a good massage, or time together with my sweetheart. :)

  • Expensive chocolate. I’m a pretty thrifty person but every once in a while I just love to splurge!

  • Sue Letavish:

    i am so lucky to have a husband who tells me every day how much he loves me and how wonderful I am. Every day is a new Valentine. Don’t need candy or flowers.

  • Michelle C:

    I, too am a fan of chocolates. Chocolate truffles are at the top of the list! Thanks for the chance to win. Love the little charms…

    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  • Since my man is NOT a man of many words, I love when he gives me a heartfelt card. That means the most to me…

  • Lori:

    It is not Valentine’s Day without a heart shaped sugar cookie from Smart Cookie! Simply Amazing!!! Love, Lori C.

  • My husband is really not into Valentines Day but I usually make a little handmade treat bag for my 2 girls. I also love to give handmde cards to my friends. This necklace is absolutely stunning, Calli!! It sure would be nice to get a nice gift like that :D

  • I love frosted sugar cookies w/thick piping & roses… I used to make them when I had more time and my kids were small…yum! brings back some very sweet memories!!

  • I love when my hubs gives me flowers because flowers make me really happy to look at anyway, but to know he thinks of me makes them really, really special. I think the best Valentines gift I ever received though was from a girlfriend. Before I was married but when everyone else I cared about was on their way down the isle, the wife of a friend of mine sent flowers to my home with a note reminding me that I was loved. I hadn’t spoken to her in months but she seemed to know exactly what I needed. Those flowers sure picked my little heart up!!

  • Kim:

    We love cake! I’ve gotta make a Valentine’s cake this year – that way we can all enjoy!!

  • Deidre Wilson:

    Dark Chocolate! Every day with dark chocolate is a better day!

  • Lynn Osborne:

    My favorite treat is something not conventional Valentine fare. Maybe a new coffee mug or a new CD I’ve been wanting or a book. I do love flowers and chocolate but they’ve become too cliched for Valentine’s Day. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  • Sharon Budge:

    Calli, my new fave is something I bet you haven’t tried. At least I hadn’t until Christmas five weeks ago. It is Cinnamon Caramels! They taste remarkably like cinnamon bears only a little bit ‘buttery’. Call me for the recipe because it is for sure a ‘Make It Do’….because….you can make them in only SIX minutes. If that isn’t make it do then I don’t know what is! Seriously call me or email me and I’ll send you the recipe. You’ll LOVE them.

  • Connie:

    I love homemade sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting. Follow the cookie crumbs to my heart.

  • Tenille:

    I love cards! Even if its just a simple “i love you”. Just something to cherrish.

  • Carol:

    For me, it’s the thought, the remembering, and just a touch of effort above and beyond the everyday. Candy, flowers, a card, a special meal… whatever says “just wanted to remind you that I love you and I didn’t forget Valentine’s day this year.” :)

  • courtney brown:

    chocolate covered cinnamon bears!

    btw, dig this blog. such cute ideas.

  • Michelle R:

    My family goes all out for Valentine’s day. We love to plan a nice meal – usually italian – and finish it up with chocolate fondue. IWe have a great time dipping fruit, marshmellows and pound cake. I think it is important to create special moments with family. We won’t always remember the things we have but we remember how our family makes us feel. Loved.

  • Lanie Wilkinson:

    Chocolate for sure! Is there any other thing to eat on Valentine’s Day? I always make heart-shaped rice krispy treats for our kids since that’s what my mom did for us. They love it! But I eat the chocolate!

  • Julie S:

    Chocolates from dad – a 45+ years old tradition. My brothers outgrew the Valentines-left-mysteriously-on-the-doorstep decades ago, but my father continues this tradition for me and my daughter!

  • Tiana:

    Valentines Day means heart shaped sugar cookies frosted and decorated. It also means chocolate from Sees and a sweet date with my husband. Oh and lots and lots of kisses from my 2 girls.

  • Oh wow! Beautiful!

    Hummm… what don’t I like might be more appropriate, for all of the things you mentioned are wonderful. I always try to make homemade sugar cookies for the children in my life. I think my favorite thing to receive just might be homemade paper valentines especially from the sweet wee ones!

  • Eliane T.:

    Chocolate! hum..
    Thanks a lot! That necklace is gorgeous!

  • Eriak Holmes:

    I love Valentines day and all that it represents! And while i love it I am not very cliche, so I dont like the typical red roses, so my wonderful love always gets me a huge vase of beautiful tulips, my most favorite flowers and they are perfect this time of year!!!! But he always goes the extra mile rather than the typical red roses and box of chocalates!

  • Linda:

    Chocolates from my husband and a sweet handmade card from my daughter.

  • The necklace is stunning!
    I like everything on Valentinesday as it is also my Birthday :)
    Last year I got a lovely breakfast in bed. That was a really special treat.

    Greetings from Scotland

  • Bethany Thompson:

    I love to see all the red roses in the stores on Valentines day. But, my favorite gifts are the ones that my kids make at school. They are always so proud and excited to give them to me.

  • cathy:

    I love love good chocolates and homemade gifts from my kids and husband.
    It’s always in the thought and not the amount.

  • Diana:

    I love flowers, anytime actually. But jewelry is awesome. There are some amazing crafter out there. Thanks for the give away!

  • We’re not much on exchanging gifts for Valentines. What we give each other is time, just to be together for the day and have fun doing it.

  • Emily:

    I love just spending a little extra time with my husband on Valentine’s day. I wouldn’t turn down some chocolate, but just a nice quiet dinner together at home is lovely.

  • My favorite valentine’s treat is good food shared with friends and family, kisses from husband and daughter, and of course chocolate.
    Thanks for the give away!

  • I have to have a big heart shaped box of chocolates. So valentine.

    I love the necklace with the heart charms. How neat.
    So enter my name for the giveaway.


  • krista:

    i love chocolate, but this necklace would be AWESOME. i love it!

  • Heather:

    Anything chocolate!!

  • Aurora:

    Anything Handmade is the sweetest!!
    My DH and I always make our Valentine’s Day Cards. It’s a rule since we’ve been dating.

  • mary lemons:

    I am one luck girl…not only is Valentines a day for love but it is also my BIRTHDAY! My favorite treats are Chocolate and jewelry and my husband!! :-) What a fantastic web site…Thanks!!

  • Amy:

    I know what I’m getting this year for Valentines and it’s the best gift he could ever get me, it’s an embroidery kit so I can learn how to stitch funky designs on…well, everything! He saw me drooling over the kit and said he’d order it for me, finger’s crossed it’ll be here soon!

  • Danette:

    It’s boring. Chocolate. Sees Chocolates w/out the toothpaste filled ones please.

  • I love anything from my husband; either flowers, chocolate, or a card.

  • I seriously love conversations hearts, give me a bag of those and I’ll be a completely happy girl on valentines day.


  • Amy:

    I love spending time with my hubby and making him a special dinner! We usually go simple with a good meal and good company!

  • Merry Fenton:

    It’s got to be chocolate! Even a bag of Dove Dark Chocolate Promises from Walgreens works for me. Call me a cheap date!

  • Michelle:

    I love to get cards and chocolate!!!

  • keelis:

    Oreo truffles. I don’t know if you’ve seen them over at bakerella.com, but my best friend makes them for me every Valentine’s Day.

  • toni:

    making homemade valentine cards with my girls. but i would never turn down dark chocolate or a foot massage either;-)

  • tonya:

    My husband gave me pearl earrings. love them!

  • Emily A.:

    I enjoy getting flowers. What I really love though, is when my Hubby does something special for me. Doesn’t really matter what, I just love spending time with him and knowing he cares for me : )

  • Heidi:

    Lobster! I know it sounds weird, but every year we make lobster instead of going out.

  • Debbie B.:

    pretty, pretty! I make pretzel rods rolled in white chocolate and sprinkles for just about every holiday including Happy Heart Day!

  • Johanna Lauck:

    My favorite valentines treat is a single red rose from my handsome man. It’s just a pleasant reminder how much he loves me.

  • Mandy W.:

    I love jewelry, and candy, and flowers, and pretty much anything that means somebody I love is thinking of me!

  • Shaun:

    My favorite valentines treat is a nice dinner out with my husband. I prefer that over candy or flowers anytime!

  • The way to my heart is through a thoughtful gift, not an expensive one…maybe my favorite lunch with a sweet note?

  • Gloria Elswood:

    Chocolate is ALWAYS great! The things I love most about Valentine’s though is that my husband still buys his daughters chocolates even though they are adults! What a man!

  • Paula:

    I love the Raspberry Charlotte from Les Madelleines. I had one the first Valentines Day they were open and have had them every Valentines Day since! How can you beat lady fingers with raspberries and whipped cream!

  • Kristie:

    Our family loves a special treat made by my Great grandmother, grandmother and my mother and me! They are called maids of honors ,they are like a little tart made of pie crust, currant jelly and yellow cake with a yummy frosting. They are only made for Valentines Day!

  • janice:

    I love making cupcakes with my daughter on valentines day!!

  • being acknowledged by my sweetie is most important but jewelry never hurts!!

  • What a beautiful necklace….love it! My favorite treat for Valentine’s Day are cupcakes…always cupcakes.

  • I love chocolate and homemade Valentine’s. And a big squeeze from some little people.

  • Anne:

    I love See’s Candy.. THe only time of year I get a box to myself :) It’s also the usual thing to get my hair done!
    annemolino at hotmail dot com

  • Heidi:

    You can’t go wrong with massages or chocolates. :)

  • Jewelry is my favorite, it doesn’t even have to be expensive. I just love the reminder of the giver every time I wear it.

  • Kristen:

    Mine would be flowers. I love chocolate too, but would prefer something that lasts longer, like jewelry. Love jewelry.

  • Aik:

    I’m a 100% chocololic. Guess what I love?

  • Aik:

    I’m a 100% chocoholic. Guess what I love?

  • my husband takes me to the same restaurant we’ve been to every Valentine’s Day since we met…..which is my big treat :-) other than that, oh yeah, chocolate is so the way to my heart!

  • My favorite are chocolate turtles!

  • Nancy K:

    I love homemade gifts from the kids! I always know their heart went into it. Oh, and don’t forget the chocolate!

  • Krista:

    I love flowers!

  • Anne G:

    I’d love jewelry, but I have a feeling I’m getting chocolate, since that is what my husband always goes for.

  • My favorite thing is jewelry. Always has been….always will be.

  • Brooke:

    Jewelry, but really anything that has some thought put into it.

  • Rhona Lutton:

    Nothing like a little bling (or a lot).

  • Dark chocolate through and through (actually anytime of year)

  • Erin Blackwelder:

    Ummm….I love any thoughtful gift but flowers are my favorite. Oh and chocolate but only the good stuff like passion fruit chocolate from Chocolatier Blue in Berkley

  • deserae:

    My favorite is my Mom’s homemade sugar cookies! They are the best!

  • I love sugar cookies but only if I make them. I have the best recipe. A good day off from being a mom is good too!

  • Jessica Gilbert:

    These are so great. I would look extra “dolled up” for my birthday (soon after V-day) in this! AND my favorite treats on Valentines are the adorable things my daughters bring home from school for me. Sure they get a little coaching from their teachers, but it is very sweet just the same. <3 <3 <3 <3

  • I love that necklace and I love anything chocolate that comes with Valentine’s Day!

  • Darcy B:

    Chocolate is the quickest way to my heart–but I love any present.

  • jengd:

    Honestly, I’d like anything that had some thought put into it. I know that’s pretty open and vague but it’s the thought that counts.

  • AlenaT:

    I love chocolate. Mmmm

  • These are beautiful. Simple way to my heart at Valentines? Sweets Cherry JuJu hearts! But I will never turn down jewelry. Or chocolate.

  • Chandie:

    I love fondue. My faves being bread dipped in cheese fondue, and pretty much anything under the moon dipped in chocolate fondue. It’s the perfect Valentines treat!

  • Every year my mom buys me the sweetheart candy hearts (even though I am now 34 years old!) as soon as they show up in the grocery store! And this year….they CHANGED the candy!!! They are more tart and shiny and not their usual matte and pastey flavor that I have come to love so much =) very disappointing, but I know that adorable necklace could make me feel a lot better! CUTE!

  • Heidi W.:

    I love European chocolate and homemade gifts for Valentines!

  • Heather D.:

    Super duper cute stuff…jealous of your go utes necklace! I personally love V chocolates…caramels….so so so good! I’d also love some yummy perfume too.

  • Anything chocolate but brownies are the best!! Darling Necklace.

  • So cute, and jewelry is definitely my first choice as a Valentine gift!

  • Melissa Craner:

    I love to get flowers; specifially star-gazer lilies! They remind me of my wedding day!

  • Kathy S.:

    I love flowers this time of year because I miss them so.

  • Karen S.:

    Frosted sugar cookies are my all-time favorite. My mom found a recipe in Taste of Salt Lake that is the absolute best! My kids and love to decorate anything & what could be better than a blank sugar cookie?

  • Jill Cluff:

    Chocolates from Cummings Chocolates in Salt Lake City!

  • Amz:

    Beautiful necklace!!! We have a tradition of making ‘Love Bugs” on (or around) Valentines. You take doughnuts, and cookies, rope licorice and candies, anything you want and create edible bugs out of them. The kids look forward to this tradition every year and best of all we have created many family memories together making these.

  • Eliece:

    I love the necklace and jewerly is a good treat but it isn’t valentines day for me without some really good chocolate. I’d say chocolate covered strawberries are my favorite.

  • Liz:

    I love chocolate, of course, and cute/unique jewelry! What a great giveaway!

  • Whitney Hammer Hall:

    I love recess chocolate hearts and I love when my hubby walks in the door with flowers! Brightens my Vday!!!!!

  • Becky Hinrichs:

    I love a massage and chocolate covered macadamia nuts. Yum to both. Yum to your necklace too. Hope to win.

  • My favorite treat for Valentines Day would be PIZZA! That’s my favorite treat for ANY day!

  • Jocelyn:

    I like anything that is thoughtful…and chocolate…and a nice card :) Cute necklace!


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