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Black, White and Red plus Q-tips Giveaway Winners

I’ll share the winners of the Q-tips sponsored giveaway in a moment, but first I have a few quilts to share.

Yesterday I dropped by my Mom’s home to get a little help with a project I’ve been working on.

I was also excited to see my Mom’s latest creations.

The first is a black and white plus sign or cross quilt for my very lucky sister-in-law Marcie.  Her birthday is this week.

The back of the quilt looks like wool, but is actually a very soft brownish black flannel.  It’s totally dreamy to touch and the subtle texture of the design is beautiful.

She’s been hand quilting it in long straight rows and it’s a perfect compliment to the strong graphic design of quilt.

My mom is making good use of her Moda unbleached muslin, because she is also making a “U” quilt for my sister’s birthday.  We are all big University of Utah fans and I know my sister will love this quilt.  I especially love the one black U… which makes me think of the black out game.  The Utes are playing tonight and I can’t wait!  Go Utes!

And now for the Container Store gift card giveaway compliments of my friends at Q-tips.  Have you read through the comments?  Thank you all for sharing your awesome cleaning tips!  Here are the winners:

Congratulations Donette, Becky and Sheila.  Send me an email with your address so we can arrange to send you your gift cards. And again my thanks to Q-tips for sponsoring this giveaway!

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21 Responses to “Black, White and Red plus Q-tips Giveaway Winners”

  • di:

    Wow, I love Marcie’s quilt! Tell your mom, she did an awesome job. Can you tell me what fabric she used for that flannel backing? Thanks.

  • Kristie:

    Love both those quilts. They are so adorable. And the U one would be at home in my house. My hubby loves the U, and I am a former BYU fan, turned U of U. Currently watching the game, and enjoying every minute of it!

  • Mimi:

    I love your black and white quilt – beautiful!!!

  • dg:

    I use Q-tips to clean my remote control.

  • Oh I love your U quilt. College team quilts can get a little scary sometimes. How classic and beautiful yours is!

  • Jayna Morgan:

    How can i get this pattern? Love it.

  • I love the plus sign quilt! It’s so simple and the quilting is perfect! I have to go make one right now! Thanks for sharing! ;)

  • Kris:

    I LOVE Marcie’s quilt!! and I have never thought of putting flannel on the back!! What a great idea!! And I have to say I do like your sister’s quilt even though I am an Aggie fan!! :-))

  • I have been trying to find the instructions for the quilt with the black crossed..can you help me, please

  • Joan:

    Love the cross quilt.
    Where can I purchase the pattern?

  • isabel:

    Okay, your mom’s plus sign black and white quilt might be the only thing beautiful enough to finally get me into quilting! I’m a lazy sewing machine owner and have been procrastinating learning the craft for years. I know this post is a few years old – but any chance of instructions or pointing me in the right direction with regards to making a quilt of this type and design? many thanks in advance :)

  • Pamela:

    Is there anyway to get this pattern?

  • Lana:

    How much would your mom charge to make one for me?

  • Sharon LaHue:

    How can I get the pattern for the black cross and white quilt.

  • Sharon LaHue:

    can you purchase the black cross and white quilt pattern?

  • Adrianne Craig:

    What kind of thread did she use to do the hand quilting? It looks white on top and black on the bottom, is it clear? Where did she get it? I have only seen clear machine quilting thread.

  • Pat Cahill:


    Thank you for your wonderful website! It is interesting to see all that you can learn from the internet.

    After many years of working and taking care of four children, I am trying to get back into quilting again.. When I came across your website it’s got me excited again. I was also fascinated by your mom’s black and white quilt. Is she selling patterns as well? Can you let me know?

    I will be back at the end of the week to purchase a couple of your patterns!

    Best wishes,


  • Renee:

    Can you tell me the dimensions of the blocks? my grandson saw this and would like a cross quilt.

  • Emily:

    Will you please find out the name of the pattern for the black and white cross quilt. I would love to make it. Thank you

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