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Apron Giveaway!


If you are "Making Do"... you could win this Apron!

I think an apron has the perfect “Make it Do” kind of attitude.  Our grandmothers used their apron to protect their dress while while cooking and cleaning.  But they also used it to wipe away their children’s tears (and probably a few of their own,) carry eggs in from the chicken coop, or as a hot pad to take bread out of the oven.  When unexpected company drove up the road, it was amazing how much furniture that old apron could dust in a matter of seconds.  My mom fondly remembers my Great-Grandmother Irene Rollins Platts waving goodbye with her apron as her family drove away from a visit to her ranch in Lyman, Wyoming.  Our grandmother’s aprons were as versatile and industrious as the women who wore them.

One lucky person will receive this darling half apron, just perfect for entertaining.  It is one size fits most and because the waist isn’t gathered, it’s actually flattering.

To be entered in the Apron Giveaway leave a comment sharing a creative way that you are “Making it Do” these days…  Comments will be closed at 10:00 MST.  The winner will be posted on Wednesday April 1.

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82 Responses to “Apron Giveaway!”

  • Lisa C:

    I use my own grocery bags & recycle the others as trash bags for the kitchen & bathrooms. I’m also donating more clothing and using the fabric from other clothing items to craft with. This saves me a lot of money on fabric and is something I never did before.

  • I am an avid scrapbooker and buying supplies is very limited right now due to budget concerns. I took the time to organize my scraps and I have made SO MANY new things with them just be re-aquainting myself with what I had on hand and also by having them right by my workspace so I can get to them quickly and easily!

  • Jill L:

    A big thing is that I am actually mending clothing. If one of my husband’s tshirts got a hole in the seam, I used to just throw it away. Now I take the time to sew it up. Same with socks and buttons. A little extra time can add up to a big difference for my family.

  • I try to alter items that I no longer like into trendy, updated home decor pieces. Oftentimes I can find items in the home decor clearance section at our local craft store and redo them to make them fun & attractive. This is one way I “Make Do”. Lovely apron by the way!

  • Mary Baker:

    Since I love to do paper crafting, to save money I search for all sorts of cost-saving ideas> You can decorate empty vegetable cans, oat meal containers, coffee cans with scraps of paper left over from your paper crafting to make beautiful storage containers!

  • Anna Timm:

    This is an adorable apron!! Thanks for the give-away!!

    The way I am making it do these days is to shop with Angel Food Ministries – they are like a sharecropping organization that helps America’s farmers while providing good quality, nutritious food at a discount!
    I also bring my own containers to get the food, so there is no waste of additional resources there!

  • I too have made my own, and reuse, grocery bags. Another thing is I have been scrapbooking for years, and have been saving all my food boxes to cut up into mini albums or embelishments. Like boxes from mac and cheese, granola bars, Pasta Roni, etc, it’s kind of fun!

  • Vicki:

    I love the apron… would look great in my house… it is funny that JIll is mending clothing… I did that 2 week-ends ago and I have a stash of scraps from scrapbooking that I have started using and making cards… 5 of us the last week-end in February we made blank cards to send to a miltary troup for them to send home to their families. We had a lot of fun doing it. I only used scraps to put on the premade cards so I had pretty cheap cards that turned out pretty cute.. We used stamps also…

  • We are combining errands more often and driving around less. I’m also using up scraps and my stash more in my crafting. What a cute Apron. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Gail C:

    WOW! Awesome Apron, I have an old thread-bare one but I still love and use it-a gift from my SIL at one time, seen lots of washing. That too is a way to make do- just reuse and recyle! I am great at taking something you get for one purpose and finding another use for it when its intended use is over. I hate to waste anything. Being a scrapper and being crafty I stretch my dollar by altering stuff for a new purpose. Pringle cans become banks, altoid tins become cute gift card holders, all kinds of stuff gets recycled and re-used. I even give my old plastic bags to a lady in town who weaves them into braided rug type purses and beachbags! I just finished a layout where I used the “negative” of the chipboard trim they provided in the package as a border trim- “waste not, want not!!!”

  • Jennifer:

    Thank you so much for the chance to win!

    I just got laid off from my job – and have been trying to find ways to ‘make do’ – creative left over tips, shopping more wisely (never realize how much more you spend when your busy working!), saving for special items, researching all the wonderful (and mostly very cheep!) places around town for activities, repairing instead of throwing away, and lots of little things that will add up in the end.

    Jenn in Vancouver

  • Susan Worthey:

    These days funds are tight, so I save any and all paper, cardboard, to use for embellishments, chipboard, etc. thanks so much for the chance at this beautiful apron, it brings back many memories of my grandmother working in the kitchen.

  • I absolutely love the idea of this blog!! Today’s economy is scary stuff and learning how to make do with what we have is an ideal way to weather out the storm. I am a paper artist and I have to say that my new budget does not allow for a whole lot of spending on my hobby supplies. So I have been making my own embellishments and unique creations for my art…I use all of my scraps of paper and tiniest pieces of ribbon…of course I save everything! I also use a lot of packaging to create different things with.

  • I like to take old hubbys shirts and make my little girl a summer dress and use them to make her babydolls matching one as well.. I also make little coasters out of them its fun.. If they r to bad I use them as dust rags and sometimes we take old socks and make scarfs..

  • I love this apron, and aprons in general. My daughter loves them too!

    I am making it do by not buying near as many things as I used to. If you don’t go shopping you don’t see all the things that make you want them.

    I am definitely a paper crafter (check out my blog at http://www.karenskreativekreations.blogspot.com/) and I am making due with the supplies I have on hand. I also talk myself out of going out to eat and making do by cooking foods I have here at home instead. Oh, I need an apron to keep my clothes clean!

    Thanks for the chance to win this apron. It’s darling.

  • Holli Willis:

    We are making it do by planting a large garden. I save grocery bags to reuse, I save left overs for lunch the next day instead of throwing them to the dog! (which I guess would be reusing too) I try to make everything reusable for my 2 year old. I have to keep a close eye on her, she will take off her pull up and throw it away even though its not wet! I love to scrapbook so I always look for sales and seldom buy anything that is not on sale! SALES are a girls best friend!

  • Deb K:

    I am making do with what we have instead of buying new items.for example~we are not going to the movies anymore instead we get movies from the Redbox {I find free codes online} and then I make popcorn and it is a great family night for almost nothing!

    Love the apron~Makes me think of my aunt that has passed away making Easter dinner..She will be missed this year.

    Thanks for the chance to win! :)

  • Jennifer Alfonso:

    I am a scrapbooker. With the economy, I’ve been saving the packaging and using that for embellishments. Another way to save money, with the older papers that I bought years ago and don’t like anymore, I just turn over and use the white/blank side.

  • SusanD:

    I love the apron that you are giving away! We can certainly save on washing our clothing by wearing an apron.

    With everything having gone up in price, I have started a couple money-saving things.

    First, I am going to the library and checking out books rather than going to the big book stores and buying the book. While at the library, I read my favorite weekly magazine rather than buying it at the grocery.

    Secondly, I am wiping off aluminum foil and reusing it! Now, one can’t very successfully wipe off sauces and cheeses, but a piece of foil that has been used for bread or baked potatoes cleans right up. If you are even worried about storing it, just fold it and put it in a side shelf in your refrigerator!

  • DebbieD:

    I have been making do for several months. I cannot find a job and I am amazed at how little I really need. I have even started donating clothes and toys that previously I would have thrown away (Mom use to get so upset with me). I have also started donating scrapbooking and stamping supplies I will never use to a local healthcare campus where I have started volunteering.
    I adore aprons. I have a book on aprons and collect them.
    Thanks for this opportunity.

  • Bekki:

    We almost completely stopped eating out. I’ve been trying to cut back on grocery bills by heavily shopping for sale priced items and cutting out all but the necessities. We even bought our own chickens last spring, and now have our own eggs. We’ve been selling the surplus for $1 a dozen (under grocery store prices) to our close friends. Now, we’ve even bought our own dairy cow at a steep discount (because she is dry right now) in the hopes that by next summer we’ll have our own milk. I’m planning a large vegetable garden, although keeping up with all of that is difficult when you work full time and attend graduate school! I’ve stepped up working on a home based business, hoping to bring in some extra income. Every little bit helps! I’m also an avid scrapbooker, and I’ve had to really cut back on buying new supplies and concentrate on using what I already have at home. I’ve always enjoyed thrift stores, hand-me-downs, home canning, buying from bulk wholesalers, and so forth, so it hasn’t been hard to adjust to this fiscal environment. Thank goodness gas prices came down! That was the biggest expense in my budget for a long time.

  • Pamela:

    Hi! Fabulous apron! I especially adore the little girl’s aprons with their dollies. Super cute!

    Well, the one major expense that will not be going away anytime soon was our grocery bill. I kept track of what I bought and what I cooked or what went into school lunches and soon realized that I could easliy cut our grocery bills in half buy consolidating meals. What I mean by that is when I know I am going to cook a roast, I buy a really big one instead of my usual 3lb one and cut it in half before I cook it. What doesn’t get cooked up as roast gets made into Beef on a Bun (crockpot), Beef and Barley Soup and Stroganoff. There you have 4 meals that easily have at least 1 leftover meal in them. Basically I do all my meals like this now. I center my meals around meat so if I’m buying a big amount of chicken breasts I divide them up into meals rather than what I need that night and then I will buy all the other ingredients for the additional meals at the same time. So I save time and money!

    And that’s one way our family is ‘Makin’ it Do’!

  • {vicki}:

    Love the apron–would love to win it! My grandmother always wore an apron while doing chores in the house. I remember it being the MOST handy thing.

  • I am making sure I plan my meals more carefully and cutting back on store bought snacks!

  • Pam C:

    Several girlfriends and I have started trying harder to help each other out with hand-me-downs. One friend has a daughter a size bigger that mine and I have a son a couple of sizes bigger that hers and we have just been trading out. It has been a win/win for both of us.

    Love the apron! Esp. love the little girl and doll ones. I have a almost 7 year old Lily who loves AG dolls too! I’m with you, if those dolls had been around when I was young I would have been in heaven!

  • We often make it do when we run out of milk….adding other liquids (even chicken broth or water) for cooking works! We have raisins and cinnamon toast instead of buying candy. There are other things to make it do, but these are some of the easiest!

  • Patricia:

    I just love the apron. It sends me back to those days when I would go to my Aunt’s house and head straight for the old wood burning stove they kept in their kitchen (just in case the new-fangled electric stove quit working) to get cold biscuits out of the oven and mix molasses with butter and cover them. Boy were they delicious. My Aunt always had on an apron. An apron like this gives me a feeling of love and caring just like my aunt used too. Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  • Tatum:

    How appropriate the apron is since one way that I (and my friends) practice a simple “Make It Do” is by meeting once a week for a potluck breakfast while most of our kids are at school, instead of an expensive restaurant dinner, which takes up more time (babysitting, what to wear, dinners for the rest of the family, etc.).

    We each take turns every week as a host, who makes the main dish, and everyone else brings the rest; coffee, sweet breads, fruits, etc. Not only are we saving some money but we are gaining a whole lot of “grown-up” time together every week instead of once every month!

  • Vicky:

    Great blog! I love this apron! I was just telling my husband I needed a new one.

    We cook at home more, stock up when items are on sale for a great price, use coupons and try to combine trips.

  • Angie O:

    We have an envelope with money just for groceries ever month and when the money is gone, it’s time to make do and make a menu with the ingredients left in the house.

  • Beverly:

    I enjoy reading all the different comments. We have not strayed from our basic belief about sharing our resources, giving to others, etc. but I think that we are more aware now how after 25 years of marriage we do things without thinking especially buying without thinking. I am conscious now about wearing the things in my closet and staying away from new purchases, finding again the consignment stores…if I want to find a fun new thing to wear. But I don’t have to…I’ve never liked coupons but started and organized a coupon file at my office…and then someone created a box where you could drop in things that you don’t want or need (that has been really fun).

  • Lucy:

    We are also making do these days. My daughter is an amazing junior high teacher and she has recently had her first baby. In order to help with her balancing act on work and babycare I have volunteered to take care of my grandson. I have a part-time job and instead of replacing me, my bosses have decided to allow me to care for him at work. Yup. We have a little nursery set up and he came yesterday for the first time. Eventually I will have to stay home with him and I am looking forward to it.

    As for the aprons… Love them! I started making them as gifts about 30 years ago and still have several favorites. Maybe when I am home again with my grandson I will have time once again to sew.

  • Patricia:

    I got so excited about the memories that the apron invoked that I forgot to leave my “Making it do” comment. I am using a Crystal Light can that I decorated with scraps to put my pencils, scissors, tweezers, etc. in when I go to a crop. I can leave the can in front of me and my supplies are at my fingertips. I am also less likely to lose them because I always put them back in the cantainer when I am through. Again, thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kelly Braund:

    Well, I really believe in recycling everything possible. That includes our kids clothes! I try to buy a lot from garage sales & consignment shops when I can and when we’re done with them, they go straight into the Goodwill pile.

  • i’m lovin’ the apron! our way of cutting back is trying to rid ourselves of unnecessary costs. we’ve had a storage unit since katrina. you can’t imagine how much i accumulated in that 10×10 space! we’re working on clearing it out to save nearly $100 a month!!!

  • pammy jo:

    a little extra planning for meals can save a lot, and it doesn’t even take that much time to do! i scrap and make cards, and have been recycling and using everything from my stash instead of buying new items.

    i love the apron – it really does save wear and tear on clothes when working in the kitchen and around the house :)

  • Ronnie Autry:

    I am making do.. right this moment..My family will not eat bananas once they are dark. I’ve just made some great banana bread with powdered milk and unbleached white whole wheat flour i bought for a dollar from the “scratch and dent” part of the super market. all in all ,it makes me feel good use the things I have. Really cute apron!! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I’ve been trying to use coupons; check sales and shop at thrift stores too. For crafting, I’m just using what I have. It means some of my cards look a like because I’m using the same paper until it’s gone. Still being creative and having fun. Thanks for the contest.

  • Chelsea:

    This looks like it would sell at Anthropologie but I am quite sure it is more cost effective to make it at home. Great job!

  • Twinkie609:

    I love the apron you made, the colors and stripes with the polka-dots is really cute. I have one from my grandmother that my girls love to wear when we make cookies together. Recycling garments was something my grandmother taught me to do as I was growing up. We cut squares from old garments that are beyond mending and make quilts from the squares.

    I have done this with my scouts as well as my 4-H club made up of special needs students and they love doing it. We share memories they have about the outfit the square came from or something they were doing when they wore it. We fondly call our recycled product…”Memory Squares”. Thank you for sharing your apron…it brings back some pleasant memories for me!

  • I love consignment sales – both selling at and buying from. That has helped when purchasing clothes for my daughter. She grows so fast! When it comes to scrapbooking I love to reuse packaging and even cardboard to create mini albums and other misc. embellishments. It’s fun to see what all you can do with a little. It’s great how a little can go a LONG way! Thanks for the chance! Love your blog and that apron is beautiful! Hugs!

  • Lisa Marie:

    I see these tough economic times as a real blessing and as a way for God to teach me to slow down and really appreciate what I do have. I have recently really started to be much more careful and far less wasteful in so many different ways. “Making it do” has really become a big part of who I am as a wife and mother. I have started mending torn clothing, making too-short pants into shorts, darning socks, baking from scratch rather than from a mix, spending more time in the kitchen to cook healthy meals rather than meals from a box or from a take-out restaurant menu. Whipping up a batch of homemade mashed potatoes or a tasty batch of warm cookies fresh from the oven actually allows me to tangibly show my family how much I love them. I want my family to think back one day and realize that the things that I have done for them, the meals that I have cooked and the clothing that I have mended were all done with the loving and industrious hands of their dear mother. These changes that I have made in my homemaking have blessed me and have also blessed my family in so many ways. I see these tough times as a real gift and I am so thankful for the opportunity to “make it do”.

  • I am a into scrapbooking, and to save a little cash, i’ve been making do with what i have on hand :)

  • Linda Gilliam:

    Hi, LOVE the apron, reminds me of my Mom’s back in the 50′s!
    With money tighter, we are using up food in the frig more, combining things to make new and interesting dishes…using UP leftovers in doing that instead of letting them go to waste.
    We’re also making menus from the sale ads and using coupons with that to help our budget stretch a bit further. it’s actually fun and empowering to SEE how much you can save.
    Thank you for the beautiful giveaway opportunity!

  • Whitney:

    We always re-use grocery sacks in our home garbage cans and make our meal plan menus from what is on sale that week in the store. I also love to scrapbook and have kept my eyes open for items I already have around the house to use on my pages in order to save money. Its amazing the things you can find!

  • Ohhhh, I’m loving that gorgeous little apron. One thing our family is doing to “make do” is eating out less (as a result McD’s may have to close – LOL). We are also renting movies and just staying home more and doing things together with the family.

  • Marcia Lockhart:

    I am making do with all sorts of stuff. I save every scrap of ribbon, old t-shirts, and boxer shorts. I am saving boxer shorts to make a summer comforter for the beds, old t-shirts as cleaning rags, dusters, and doll clothes. I also save the ends of my bread because nobody wants to eat that end piece. I put them in a freezer bag, and when the bag is full, I make bread pudding, or toast it and crumble it in my holiday dressing. Same with left-over cornbread. I try to economize on food because we throw away enough food to feed a country. I have discovered that you can take a leftover meal and add a few potatoes, onions, new seasoning, and make a whole new meal out of it.

  • Christine Johnson:

    Love the apron! What pattern did you use?
    I have been making pjs for my kids from the clearance fabric at Joanne’s – the only fabric store near me – but you have to look carefully at the stuff there. I also use the kids candy, which the get a ton of from uncles and grandpa, to decorate cupcakes or make cookies with them. We made a candy train a while back.
    We also have what my mom called garbage soup, basically all the leftover veggies and some meat or bones for flavor.
    I used newspaper instead of buying weed cloth for my garden walkways. An added benifit is you can till it into your soil at the end of the season.

    • Hi Christine, I love to make aprons and by far my favorite patterns are from the book Retro Aprons by Cindy Taylor Oates. So many apron patterns are gathered at the waist, and believe me that’s not too flattering. The apron in the giveaway is made from a pattern in that book. Check back to my blog as I am going to be posting about making pajama bottoms which my kids affectionately call “Cozies.” They won’t wear store bought pajamas anymore even if I wanted them to!

  • Petrin:

    I always keep the empty glass containers of gravies, mayonaise, etc. to storage conserves, but i found a way to show pictures on a square one! I slided a photo on the bottom and four on the sides (inside). Then i finished the piece rolling a ribbom around the outside of the bottle-neck. Turned it down and !voila! something different to show my grandchildren photos! It is easier with a round one…

  • Melinda Andreyo:

    I try to make do everyday. I don’t use disposable tableware, as think it is better to wash vs. fill the land fills. I always keep left overs and either eat them as they are or make something new adn exciting. Normally it is a flop, but the family eats it anyway, generally with a wooden spoon behind their butts… :)

  • Marlene:

    Love the apron! Of course, I would love it even more if I won. :) Thanks for the opportunity!

  • denise:

    Cute apron!!!! i make do by wearing an apron to cook and clean, to protect my clothes from spots!!!! I adore cute ones!!! like this! I also make do by eating leftovers in new ways and using my scrapbook supplies to alter free ugly stuff, so i can use it and enjoy it!

  • Eva D:

    I am using more coupons. I only line dry cloths We dont eat out but once a month, There are so many things I am doing to cut back.

  • Teri:

    I love this blog! Already some awesome ideas and recipes. Thanks.

    We are going to plant a graden this year to help out with our food budget. I’m exited and looking forward to cooking & freezing some of our yummies. I hope to be able to can some of it too.

  • making it do, I went thru my craft room and am trying to organize rather than spend gas and money out buying stuff willy nilly that just gets hoarded. The other way we’re making do is w/all the non-dairy//non-soy yogurt cups that I need to spend extra $$ on for my husband (he’s allergic to dairy and soy) we are going to re-use them to start seeds instead of buying starter plants for our cucumbers this summer. We’ve already started a lot of other things indoors and will spend less on produce this year. it’s really easy to grow lettuce in pots inside in a sunny spot, with a plant light to boost the light. and less waste rotting in a plastic bag in the fridge, we just cut it as we need it, and anything that does go bad, gets tossed into the giant compost pile.

  • Sherry Harweger:

    I own two exotic birds…a green cheeked conure and a Bourke Parakeet…I give them way more food than they can eat and it is of the finest quality, of course. So when I change their food everyday…I put their good seed in bowl and use it for feed the outside birds…cardinals, house finches,doves, blue jay and even a few of those pesky sparrows and starlings. So everyone, including the squirrels and very well fed. I do this during all 4 of our season here in Missouri. I have a picture window where I can watch the animals outside enjoy their regular bird seed and these special leftover seeds from my exotic birds.

  • StampinCathy:

    Cute apron! I just love the colors and would love to be the lucky person to win this fun apron. I love making cards and to MAKE IT DO…I’m trying to use what I have and not just buying anything that I see. Which is really hard, cuz I want it all. It is really making me think outside the box and becoming more creative. Thanks for a chance.

  • :) Missa:

    What an adorable apron! And a wonderful idea for a blog, I am enjoying reading everyone’s tips!

    We save the wrappers from butter and margarine sticks to use to ‘grease’ dishes for cakes, casseroles, etc. We have several uses for paper that has been run thru the shredder. My husband uses it in his garden. I use it for packing items for shipping, storage, or moving, also for ‘cushioning’ gifts that I wrap or as filling for gift bags.

    A tip for other scrapbookers is to set up a swap table at your crops. I love it! It feels great to find new homes for items I no longer use and I enjoy finding new treasures from others discards!

  • Darlean:

    I love this blog! we have a unconventional way of “making do” well for most people anyway! we raise worms! I wanted a project for my son to get involved with that was ecologically responsible – we started out with a manufactured worm bin – and since have made many more of our own from plastic containers they seem to work even better. The worms compost our food scraps, our junk mail, newspapers, even toilet paper rolls! and our outdoor refuse. Then in the spring & summer we brew out own compost tea using old fish aquarium supplies – our friends & neighbors LOVE getting bags of poop (vermicompost) from us so much they actually request it! It’s a great feeling to make something new with something old and give back to the planet at the same time! Worms aren’t for everyone but for us it’s been fantastic!

  • When I painted my house last year it made everything else look shabby and predictable, so rather than buying new things I kind of rearranged all of my pictures and different decor items. My house looked like brand new and I didn’t have to spend a dime. Well, I may have spent a couple of dimes, but you get the idea.

  • I am always looking for ways to re- purpose household items. I am making the kids’ easter baskets out of old coffee cans. I am spray painting them, then adding bits of fabric, ribbon and paper scraps to dress it up.

  • DeeAnn Hernandez:

    We always have a family movie night on the weekends. We would always rent a movie each week. That can add up so now we just watch movies we already have at home and the kids really just enjoy spending time with us so they don’t care so much as to what we watch as long as we are together.

  • What a fantastic blog!! And awesome apron!! I love to recycle and reuse – I always take my own bags to the grocery store (unless I need more little bags for the bathroom trash cans). I can recycle just about anything into a craft project, so that’s where most of my things go to. I use old t-shirts for dust rags instead of paper towels. I also use the back sides of paper in my printer if I’m just printing off something for myself. I’ve added you to my reader – I look forward to visiting often!

  • Amy Hayes:

    I have been using what I have instead of buying more new things. Also, the things that I am no longer going to use, I either give to my daughter to craft with, or I take it to her preschool for the kids to collage with.

  • Leslie:

    I think cooking at home is one of the best ways of saving money. I check the adds and then plan my meals around what is on sale. I think it’s a good idea to buy what is in season . The food is fresher and less expensive. Also if you can make your meals early in day then mealtime won’t be so hectic.

  • Tamikko Gordin:

    What a beautiful apron! I love it!
    To make do I am planning to teach the kids about growing veggies and flowers in the garden to use in our kitchen and starting them on something that I hope they will take into adulthood. An awareness of growing, taking care of plants and what is needed to have food.
    Also, were making our own cleaning supplies and using everything in our house in new innovative ways (if we can’t find something to use an item for, we recycle :))

  • What a beautiful apron!

    I suppose my family and I are making do by planning our daily menus by what’s on sale in the grocery ad this week. I’m sure there are other ways that I just can’t seem to think of right now :)

  • Sue Smith:

    It’s nice to see other people are making do with so many things. We recycle like crazy here and my daughter and I are crafty folk so it seems we are always racing to the recycling bin to see what we can reuse and make into something beautiful. I love that she sees that not all garbage or recycling is not reusable! Love the apron, thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • Nana:

    Making Do was something I HAD to do for such a long time that “Making Do” is a habit for me. Consignment stores and Thrift Stores call my name. Antiques need new homes, used clothes have already stood the test of time and yard sales help out my family and someone else’s family. My decorating style is what I call “Early Salvation Army” I enjoy finding a bargin. I also enjoy giving no longer needed items to a charity. Using the library instead of buying books and magazines helps too. And of course using an apron to keep my clothes clean is a wonderful way to make do and be reminded of my grandma who always wore an apron. She also used chicken fat boiled down instead of buying Crisco in baked goods.

  • janice:

    I love to scrapbook and do crafts so i use all kinds of things around the house to be refurbished and i only buy clearence items.

  • I’ve been baking more, and trying out new recipes using older cookbooks for ideas.

  • Brooke:

    I love your blog. I love your ideas. It is so refreshing to get on your blog and see your ideas. I made the banana bread and loved it. It was the best I’ve ever had. I am saving money by making my daughters easter skirt instead of buying and I’ve made her hair bows instead of buying them. I’m trying to be creative with what i have at home and not going to the stores.

  • Paula:

    Your apron is adorable! One way I have been saving money is to plan my meals (around what is in the grocery ads) and then try (TRY!) to only go to the store once a week. This saves me from buying a lot of prepared food instead of cooking, and stops me from buying as many impulse items!

  • Jodie Ruiz:

    I love the apron and the whole blog. I can’t wait to make some of those biscits. They look so good!!

  • Deanne DeGraw:

    You have done such a great job on this blog! This is stuff for everyday living. I love your ideas.

  • I’m not a very creative person, but I do “make do” with what I have when it comes time for dinner. During the summer months I seem to have a plethora of hotdog buns and hamburger buns leftover from numerous bbqs. So I just leave them out over night to dry out and then stick them in a food processor to make bread crumbs. They are perfect for casserole toppings.

    …. hope that qualifies me to be entered in to win that cute apron!

  • SuZeQ:

    We have cut back on eating out. It’s a big adjustment for us but an important one. Not only are we saving money, we’re saving calories. Who knew! Ha!

  • Sheri S:

    I realized about a year ago that I was having trouble finding space for all of my clothes. Stacks of sweaters, drawers of shirts, closets of jeans etc… I don’t throw much away. After an afternoon of being disgusted at all the excess, I decided that most of it was still “wearable” and that there was no reason to keep on buying new clothes. I decided not to purchase any new clothing. I has almost been a year now and I think those around me don’t love me any less for not being the trendiest or hippest dresser. It really was easy and makes me appreciate what I have even more than I would have otherwise. I plan to carry this goal on further by using the things that I already posses… it feels good to MAKE IT DO!!!

  • Jamie:

    I am NOT a sewer – but, I did make myself repair a pair of slacks by doing some hand sewing/darning. This task really is ‘making do’ for me, as I really struggle with sewing. I really wanted to pitch the slacks and go buy new ones, but that really would have been wasteful! I also cook almost every meal – saves money, and so much healthier!

    Loving the blog! :-)

  • Debra Ray-Livelsberger:

    I advised an up and coming candidate for our city mayor of a program he could back and start of “I have – You need”. We recently took a dresser bottom bed, mattress, and new bedding and gave it to a family that the child was sleeping on the floor. Took time to research and find connections that knew of this family. With an I know someone attitude of looking this could be organized into our city’s best chance of getting better acquainted and getting through these hard times. Including provide a meal, if you can to a family that doesn’t know where their next one is coming from. We need to help our own; The government is nuts right now. But, I know we will get through this time of hardship
    Thank you,

  • Judy Mayfield:

    I live on a 500 cow dairy, which is totally run by my husband and two sons. The oldest 42 has kidney cancer, and we definately have been experiencing a drop in milk prices. We have all had a lesson on how to stretch the american dollar. Coupons are clipped from the weekly newspaper, and car pooling is a must. I have learned to mend, and do lots of scrapbooking as a stay at home mother and grandmother. I have 5 grandchildren, 1 great grandchild with another on the way. Times may be hard, but we feel blessed to live in this United States. Family is the most important thing to me, that and spending lots of time with my two sons and husband.


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