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A Bag for all Reasons Review and Giveaway

Last week, I received the new book, A Bag for All Reasons by Lisa Lam on my doorstep.  I’m so excited to also have a copy of Lisa’s book available to give away today, but first, here’s a little bit about the book.

There are so many good projects in this book from purses to iPad cases to a sorted laundry bag.  There’s even a train style vanity case that my girls are swooning over… I’m thinking maybe for Christmas. In fact, there are several project in this book perfect for gifts on my list this year.

But this is my next bag project (and it’s for me).  It’s a grocery tote that rolls up into a small bundle that I can keep in my purse or in my car.  I may just make 3 or 4, so I’m never caught without my re-useable bags at the grocery.

Yeah for sewing books with a spiral binding!  And even better, the patterns in the back are full size fold outs… no cursing at the copy store trying to enlarge a pattern.  The patterns are printed on nice sturdy paper, and will last a long time.  The pattern instructions throughout the book look very clear and easy to follow.  A Bag for all Reasons is very well thought out and well made.

My other favorite feature of this book are the wonderful step by step instructions and advice for all sorts of (sometimes daunting) bag making skills, like putting in a zipper or snaps.

I also like the advice for how to modify and alter patterns to suit your style and needs.

The Bag for All Reasons is a resource gem.

You can see a preview of the book, by clicking here.

The Martha Pullen Store is offering a 30% discount to Make it Do readers, when you purchase Lisa’s books The Bag for All Reasons or The Bag Making Bible (which is now on my wish list).

Enter the coupon code “BAGS2012” to receive the discount.


And now for the Giveaway!  Today you can enter to win a copy of The Bag for All Reasons.

Simply leave a comment answering:

“Are you making gifts this year for the Holidays?”

The Rules:

  • Comments close on Thursday, Oct 11, 2012 10:00 MDT
  • Only one comment per person please.
  • Random winners will be announced on Friday, October 12

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121 Responses to “A Bag for all Reasons Review and Giveaway”

  • Anita:

    I would like to but I’m not sure if I’ll have enough time. I have volunteered for way too much at my daughter’s school!

  • Cheryl W.:

    Hate to say it, but I haven’t given much thought to Christmas presents yet.

  • Kristie:

    I am going to be making a few things. Like a new purse for my sister in law. I have the fabric, just need an awesome design. And of course some christmas dresses for my girls. After that, who knows. :)

  • Kristi:

    Just about all of my gifts this year will be handmade. I just have a terrible time thinking of something to make for my husband that he will actually like and use.


    Oh, for sure! Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without handmade-with-love-crafts and items! Thank you for the opportunity to post! ~~karen!~~

  • Melanie Hormes:

    I usually make edible gifts. That way I can get my baking fix and don’t feel tempted to eat it all myself…

  • Lisa Pedro:

    That is a very nice book. Gives me lots of ideas. Thanks for offering it.

  • Yes I am planning on making a few little things for my family. I don’t have much money, but I do have a stash of fabric and patterns. :)

  • Katie:

    I always plan to make more gifts than I have time to possibly make.

  • Caroline:

    I always have good intentions of making gifts for Christmas but as the season approaches I am never as “on the ball” as I had hoped to be. Maybe this year will be different!!

  • Lori:

    Yes! I always make something. Several of the people on my gift list have ‘everything’ but still appreciate something made and given with love.

  • Tracy Elizabeth Larkin:

    What wonderful projects!! I would love to have this book!

  • Kiana:

    I plan on making a puppet theater and some puppets for my son for Christmas. Maybe a bag or two…

  • I’m making quilts and slippers for my whole family. I’m also making Car Emergency Kits, 72-hour kits and In-a-pinch bags for all of the girl’s purses. I hope I get them all done!

  • Ione:

    Only going to make a couple of items this year. Thank you for giving away such a great book.

  • Tricia:

    I’ll be making a few, but also wrestling a newborn, so we’ll see…

  • Karen:

    I don’t usually but you give me the incentive.

  • Caro:

    Yes, am working on two quilts plus pillowcases for my grandsons.

  • Danielle:

    I’m making some gifts this year. I’ve canned a bunch already so some of that will be gifts, and I’d really like to knit or crochet some things, if I have time and can manage….

  • Yes! It is entirely too expensive to buy for everyone!

  • lorene holbrook:

    Oh yes, with 5 kids, and their spouses and 20 grands and assorted siblings, parents and such i am making several things!

  • Patricia:

    I am hoping to make most of my family gifts….just looking for inspiration!

  • Cheri:

    Yes. And the list is way too long to be realistic.

  • Jennifer:

    Wow!!! Wonderful projects I am always looking for new things to make for my family with Christmas approaching this would be a great book to have and give me new exciting things to make and enjoy. Thanks so much for giving away such a great book.

  • Rikki:

    I am a beginner at sewing, but I started with an array of simple totes for storage in my daughters’ room. This book looks wonderful!

  • Connie:

    I guess this makes me start thinking about Christmas. Just moved and am ready to start sewing, this is perfect as I love making purses and totes.

  • Leanne:

    This looks like a great book. I’ve already made one gift for this year…a tote bag for my grandmother. I always make ornaments for my three boys that reflect something about the past year so they’ll have wonderful collections when the time comes for them to have their own tree (though I dread the moment all those memories aren’t on my tree).

  • Nickolina:

    If I get my womancave cleared out…I can use this book to be a motivation goal…I could start on presents. Hmmmmmm…..

  • Velita:

    I have several Christmas projects in the works and if I won’t that book there may be several more!

  • Thanks for this opportunity. I know I need this book for holiday presents. It would be very cool to win it, but if not, to Amazon I go, LOL!

  • Miranda:

    I’m making as many gifts as I can this year. My goal was 90% handmade – then I went back to work. Maybe next year. :)

  • Helen:

    This looks great! I have 14 children and 7 grandchildren (so far) to sew for. Looks like these would make nice gifts! I love your website – so glad that I stumbled onto it this morning.

  • Naomi:

    Yes, I am really looking forward to making some homemade Christmas decorations such as bags. I would love to perfact the art of sewing zippers too – this book looks great !

  • I always make homemade gifts for my family and friends. I love to upcycle and my favorite things are antique barn wood and vintage fabrics. I think these bags would look awesome made with my stash fabric!

  • sharleen:

    Yes. And,I’ve already started with some make-up bags.

  • Lora:

    I have multiple friends with babies due within 2 weeks of Christmas – so do their baby quilts count? :)

    I am making some gifts for Christmas – including, actually, a bag with a diamond solitaire pieced block for my sister-in-law! This book would be a great resource to use my block for a really great bag she can use at school (or the library…she’s a bookworm!)

  • Stacie:

    Yes! The best thing to give to someone who has everything is a little bit of your own creativity!

  • Christie S.:

    I’m sure I’ll be making bags to put the gifts in. Would love to have this book.

  • I haven’t given it much thought, so most likely not.

  • ga447:

    I make lots of totes for gifts, especially for children – instead of wrapping them I use totes. I also make totes for the holidays.

  • Loyce Buhrmester:

    I alway try and make some gifts for Christmas. My family loves receiving them and I love giving things I have made. I love your blog and you inspire me to try things I probably would have never done.

  • Heidi:

    I might try to make Christmas pillowcases for my 3 sons!

  • Yes for the first time his year I will be making my gifts based on my hown homemade cosmetics!!!

  • barbara n:

    I always try to make at least one homemade gift for each of my children…pajama pants, placemats, a new ornament

  • Kristina:

    I keep meaning to make some cute bags but never seem to find the time! Would love a book with all the tips I can get!

  • EMMA:

    Handmade christmas pillows for each family .( Felt circles in Christmas colors).

  • Sue:

    I am making some fleece blankets.

  • Laurel:

    Yes- I am knitting your dishcloth pattern!

  • Jen Y:

    I always try to make some food gifts at the very least. I love baking & cooking for the holidays & could never eat it all myself!

  • I haven’t even begun to think about Christmas gifts let alone make any…how bad is that?!

    Please throw my name in the hat, perhaps if I won everyone would get bags for Christmas :o)

  • Kate:

    Yes I always make some special gifts for Christmas and would love to have this book!

  • Fran Daoust:

    I am making bags for Christmas. I would love to win this book.

  • ratty:

    Yes, LOL! I started last January (a quilt) and I’m making some circle zip pouches for stocking stuffers. My sister and I are also making wands and Hogwarts acceptance letters for all of the (grown) nieces and nephews :) I can’t wait!

  • Anne Marie:

    I am definitely making gifts this year and just started my list which will include some bags. Great sounding book.

  • aly:

    yes- i’m painting, sewing and dreaming up some great books to give at Christmas this year.

  • Beth:

    I will make a few gifts, for those that appreciate them! I prefer to make things for people at more personal times.

  • I am making gifts this year again. I think that people appreciate them more and the girls are generally either one of a kind or something you couldn’t just buy at the store. We always give away some of our canned food and something baked, and this year we’re doing skirts, blankets, artwork, and maybe some garden stepping stones from the kids.

  • Katie:

    Maybe! I usually do!

  • I’m planning on canning some hot sauce to give away. I’ve been making a yummy recipe lately and I want to see how well it preserves!

  • Jenn:

    Of course! And never as many as I want to:) I plan on making a few toys for the kiddos and some ornaments for people I like; a shrug for my sister, a wall hanging for hubby…I guess I should get started!
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  • I’ve made several holiday themed gifts as well as potholders, a stocking for a niece or nephew expected around Thanksgiving, and a couple of lap blankets – all for gifts! Can’t wait for Christmas!

  • Tina K:

    If that involves food, then yes. If it involves sewing, then no. I just haven’t taken that leap and bought a sewing machine and prayed for patience yet!

  • Samantha:

    Yes! I’m still narrowing it down though- probably clutch handbags or zippered bags, a Kindle cover, maybe a gun sleeve……….

  • Sarah H.P.:

    I’m making homemade candied orange peel!

  • Kimberly:

    I love getting and making gifts for christmas. This looks like an excellent book. I sewed lots when I was in high school but have not done much since. Made my first quilt last year and am working on another one. My mom retired from her job and she makes quilts and other fun items for her kids, grand kids and charities.

  • I am planning to make aprons for my two daughters and my granddaughter to wear when we bake Christmas cookies. So much fun!

  • Carol:

    I always make, bottle and give away George Washington’s Revolutionary Eggnog. Folks clamor for it. George was not what you’d call a teetotaler and this stuff must be cut with storebought eggnog to make it safe for the grannies and aunties!

  • Linda Pawlak:

    I am most definitely making Christmas gifts this year! So far I have finished a toiletry bag and matching zippered pouch, a sweetener holder, a set of washcloths and I am 1/4 done a quilt. I still have one scarf to embroider and one scarf to knit.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  • barb in Edmonton:

    Don’t think I’ll be making any handmade Christmas gifts, but I make handmade Christmas cards every year. I LOVE that bike bag on the front cover of the book!

  • Christie:

    Hopefully at least a few!

  • Kelly G.:

    I will be making fresh apple butter :)

  • Kimi:

    We will be “baking” gifts this year.

  • sandyb:

    I will be making all the gifts this year. Bags, quilts and baking and throw in a little crochet.

    Thank you

    sandyb720 at gmail dot com

  • Saundra:

    I always have a list of Christmas projects on my to do list. Looking for a few different ideas. Thanks for the giveaway of this book.

  • Kara:

    I really want to make some gifts for the holiday season . . . just have to get a handle on everything else so I can have some time :)

  • Maggie:

    I have every intention of making gifts this year, but it’s very likely that it will not happen because I’ve already taken on too much! Guess that’s part of being a mom/wife/etc!

  • Linda L.:

    Yes – handmade is going to be the way to stretch the $$ this year. There’s two people I can’t think what to make and I’m just narrowing down my choices for the rest. I’m hoping to get started in the next week or so. My daughter is the hardest because I can think of so many things she would love.

    P.S. Surely you don’t curse in the copy shop, Calli! Now that’s shocking (;-D)

  • Laurin Arnold:

    This year I’m making ceramic gifts!

  • Yep, I will be making gifts this year. I have a large family and am very glad they like to receive handmade gifts! Love the grocery tote!

  • Rae:

    I would like to have some handmade gifts to give for Christmas, but since October is almost half over, I don’t know how many I’ll get done. I’ve been considering making myself a purse, and this book would be great. Thanks!

  • Jo Derouin:

    yes knitting for my grandchildren

  • Njeri:

    Yes, I have already started working on my christmas cards.

  • I am making gifts, although the trouble I have is deciding what to pick!

  • kellylynn:

    I have a huge list of items to be made. I really need to get started on making them.

  • regina chupp:

    I am planning to make quite a few of my Christmas gifts this year! It will be a way to save some money and I like the personal touch it gives to gift giving.

  • Ashley:

    Making knitted dishcloths for my co-workers, and will likely be making things for family, too. Homemade gifts are the best!

  • Looks like a great book! I have yet to put in a zipper do step-by-stwp instructions with pictures would be great.

    Christmas projects?…hmm…I have to finish sewing for November craft sales first. I am planning on an embroidered wall hanging for my mom and probably some small projects for stocking stuffers.

  • NeelieB:

    Christmas is homemade gifts. Usually make some items.

  • Erin:

    I am trying to keep things more simple this year…I love a handmade gift, so I am hoping that my friends and family will too!

  • Mary Kay:

    I hope to make at least a few homemade gifts this year. I usually make “food” gifts, but I bet this book has lots of great gift ideas in it. Thanks. I really like your blog.

  • lak:

    Yes! I’m thinking about making felt ornaments for everyone.

  • Becky Greene:

    I am planning to make gifts this year. Maybe pouches, key fobs, loyalty card wallets – that’s the plan at least!

  • I am finishing a project that I started a few years ago for small Christmas gifts this year!

  • KerryQ:

    I always have grand plans for homemade gifts, but time usually runs out. I’m hoping to get a jump on it as soon as costume season is done!

  • kate:

    Have made a number of gifts, cross stitch 12 days of Christmas ornaments, baby Christmas stocking with yo yos, and working on a hexagon one for grandchild # 10 due 12/12, sort of waiting to find out if a girl or boy, since they have opted not to know! Try to make or pick up sale things throughout the year.

  • Dana:

    I try to always make a lot of my gifts. My grandchildren get new PJ’s, lap quilts, whatever is cozy.

  • Jan Farrell:

    This year I am making glow-in-the-dark spooky pillowcases for two of my grandsons. One granddaughter is getting a “goth” style purse (I guess that means dark and menacing), pajamas for other grandchildren, and lap quilts for my brother and sister. Would be great to win the bag book!!!

  • Randa:

    My whole family enjoys receiving the knitted dish clothes. My stash is pretty plentiful right now. I would like to make some other smaller projects for gifts, but right now my UFO’s are taking over my life and I don’t want to start more . . .

  • Jenny Z:

    I am cross stiching a few breadclothes. If I can find some uncracked feed corn, I’d also like to make my mom a footwarmer like you made a year or two (or more?) ago.

  • I made SO MANY last year, I’m wondering if I will need more this year – yeah, probably. There are always those odd shaped things that you can’t really wrap with paper, fabric bags are my answer! That book looks like it is FULL of great projects!!

  • angela:

    What a lovely book! I will be giving my jams, knitting dishcloths, and hopefully stenciling some tea towels. Angela

  • Carrie P:

    Yes. Crocheting a few gifts, knitting some too. With this I think I could make gifts for everyone!!!

  • Caedwin:

    I hope to be making some of my christmas presents. They would be stocking stuffers. Will hopefully work on them while hubby is away.

  • I am making quilts for Christmas and some knitted scarves. I would love a chance to win this book because I also have fabric that I have been thinking about making bags with, too!!

  • Pam:

    I love, love, love bags. I use them all seasons and all reasons. I would love to own a copy of this book. I would definitely sew up some for gifts as well as a few for me! Thank you for the opportunity.

  • Karry:

    Yes, I will be making simple ribbon trees so my girls can have sweet & safe holiday decoration in their room:)

  • Cheryle:

    I’m making about half of my gifts for Christmas.

  • Megan:

    I try so hard to make gifts, but it really comes down to time. I wish I could make everybody’s…someday! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Elizabeth H:

    I am making as many as I can! Now, I just have to map out my time.:)

  • Lorna Kujanpaa:

    Yes, I have been enjoying doing some embroidery projects already…it’s amazing how much you can get accomplished in just 30 minute intervals! Or, for example, it takes me two movies to finish binding a lap quilt! :)

  • Katherine Keenan:

    i hope to make a few Christmas presents…it just seems like run out of time!

  • Carrie G:

    I make homemade vanilla extract to give to my family every year for Christmas.

  • Nancy K.:

    I love making gifts and this book looks like a keeper!

  • Yes, my daughter (6 y.o.) and I plan on making some easy bags. Maybe some cookies to go in them, too :-)

  • Yes! I will be making gifts for Christmas. Living on retirement income makes it a necessity.

  • Shantel:

    YES!!! This is my very first Christmas sewing!! I am thrilled! I am planning to make everyone in my family Christmas gifts. I’ve already figured out that for the women I want to make everyone an apron and a cute little tote bag to put it in. I have no idea what to do for the men! I’m also planning on making some blankets to give away to the needy familes in my area.

  • Tammy Mabry:

    I make Christmas gifts and ornaments every year. I sometimes wonder why until I get told, we look forward to your homemade gifts every year. Now I can never stop :c)

  • beckie:

    I’m making hampers from Santa for my children. Putting in them knitted jumpers ive made, cookie mixes for them to make and a little stuffed Santa and Mrs Santa. And im in the middle of making them an advent calendar each. And ive made a few reusable shopper bags to share out among relatives.

  • Christmas usually means homemade Christmas Quilts!
    This year Christmas quilts for two grandsons!

  • I usually make something for somebody, I just don’t know what or who yet.

  • Mary Jo:

    My siblings and I always exchange something homemade or handmade. I am not sure what it will be this year, but it’s always fun to see what everybody comes up with!


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