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A Hard Day's Work


Laziness may appear attractive but work gives satisfaction. -Anne Frank

This morning 18 yards of what my kids affectionately call “Poo Dirt” was delivered to my driveway.  It came from the Central Valley Water Conservancy.  And it is the ultimate in “recycling.”

Here’s the dirty truth: it’s actually recycled sewage waste.  A fact which I try really hard not to think about.

What I do try to think about is how well it has been composted… so that it no longer remotely resembles sewage.  It’s now just awesome and very cheap mulch for my yard.

Since I mentioned it… have you ever wondered the difference between compost and mulch?  The main difference is where you put it.  Compost is something you turn into the soil.  Mulch is something you put on top of the soil to retain moisture and hold down weeds.  It’s the weed part I am most anxious about.  My battle with the weeds has been an epic struggle… and most of the time they seem to get the better of me.  But every year hope springs eternal.

Unfortunately, a few days ago my husband Drew injured his shoulder.  Here’s our conversation:  “There is no way I can spread the mulch this week, you need to reschedule.” But the weeds are already growing and I am a stubborn woman.  “I can do it” I tell him.  “Do you have any idea how much 18 yards of mulch is?  You need to reschedule.” he says.  “It may take me three days, but I can do it,” I thought.

So, I didn’t cancel the mulch today.  And from morning til night, I have been spreading it.   Can I admit to you honestly?  My husband was right.  I really had no idea how much 18 yards really was.  If you look at the picture above, keep in mind that shovel is 5′ high.  That pile was taller than me!

I am grateful to admit, I did get some help from my neighbors… Eric watched me loading and dumping my wheel barrow from his office window across the street, and I think he felt sorry for me.  He and his wife, Wendy generously came over and helped me for a while this morning.

In the end, I did a lot of the work myself and well over 12 yards of the mulch has been spread.  And at the end of the day, I am certain that nothing satisfies like hard work.  What could I possibly like you might ask.  I get to spend the day outside, enjoying some amazing Spring weather.  It counted for today’s workout.  I love how good my flowers beds look.  There was just something satisfying about seeing that big pile shrink.

It’s now 8:00 pm, I’ve had a long hot shower, I am in my pj’s, and I am thinking of popping some popcorn and reading my book.  Aaahhh…..

But first, I think I’m going to take some Aleve right now, and then I can be really happy.


Find out if your local waste treatment is composting.  It is the best bargain out there on mulch… and I really shop around.  Plus it works incredibly well at improving your soil and makes your gardens look great.  You can be “green” and “Make it Do” too.

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5 Responses to “A Hard Day's Work”

  • Looks very nice and you should be very satisfied. thanks for sharing

  • Kim:

    Things that make me marvel at how small the world is at times: I work at Central Valley Water. I answer the phones when the receptionist isn’t here. I know the man who left you that pile! And when your picture first showed up on my google reader, I thought that pile looked familiar. LOL

    Those piles of goodness sure get bigger as the spreading goes on. I’m impressed you did so much!

    BTW, my husband works in our lab and he tested your pile of goodness for any badness lurking.

    • Kim, it is SUCH a small world! I am so happy with the mulch we have gotten from you. I live very near a gravel pit and needless to say, the quality of my soil is terrible… more like rock. The “poo dirt” as my kids call it, has improved my soil dramatically.

      I love getting mulch from the waste treatment (even though I have to try hard not to think were it started out.) It is like taking lemons and making lemonade. We get rid of waste and beautify our gardens.

      Thanks for your work. And especially thank your husband! And tell Ray hi for me.

  • Danette:

    Hi, I follow your blog and live in your area, small world! Can you tell me how you got ahold of them? I googled it, but didn’t find a link. I would love to have the dirt delivered, I keep waiting for my husband to go get a load of soil prep w/ his truck but so far has been too busy. Thanks for the info!

    • Hi Danette, I call the driver directly and he sets up the delivery. His name is Ray and his number is (801) 558-0235. Central Water is in the Salt Lake Valley, but he delivers to Utah County (where I live.) He does charge $1 a mile outside of the Salt Lake Valley. But even with extra for delivery it was the same price as picking up a load ourselves at the Timpanogos Water Treatment Plant. And we didn’t have to borrow or rent a truck to go get it :). Good luck and happy gardening.

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