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Weekend Breakfast Celebration and a {Giveaway!}

I am SO excited about this awesome giveaway sponsored by Hungry Jack™ and I think you’ll be excited too!  It’s a Breakfast Celebration Kit that includes yummy Hungry Jack products and $175 Visa gift card!

But first I want to talk a little about family traditions.  I’m a believer that having traditions is an important part of a strong family.

Traditions bring a rhythm to life.  Traditions make it easier to spend time together and are a powerful tie that holds a family together.

On most weekends my family takes the time to make and enjoy a really good breakfast together.  Around holidays, it’s fun to give breakfast a holiday flair.

We’ve been so impressed with the flavors of the Hungry Jack seasonal mixes.  The Pumpkin Spice Mix was no exception.  You can just add water for pancakes, and with a few more ingredients you can make a yummy waffle recipe too.

With Halloween coming up, Pumpkin waffles were the perfect way to celebrate.

Because I’m a good mom, and it was the weekend, I let the kids put a few chocolate chips on their waffles.  Before long they were making the chocolate chips into a jack-o-lantern face…. Can you see it?

We even made ghost milk… just a sharpie on a plastic cup.

Here are a few tips for making and celebrating weekend breakfast traditions:

  • Develop traditions that are fun, but don’t overdo.  The best traditions feel natural… and are not a burden.  You don’t need to be cooking for hours in the kitchen or going overboard decorating the table… keep it more about the time you spend together.
  • This may seem obvious, but create traditions that you want your children to remember.  As I think back on my own childhood, the traditions I remember most have a warmth to them.  They are of times together that were uncomplicated and happy.  I want to create the same spirit with our family traditions.  A long, relaxed breakfast together is the perfect way to create those kinds of memories.
  • Involve your family.  Take turns choosing your favorite meal… and have your kids help cook.  The actual meal might be forgotten, but I cherish my memories of cooking with my kids when they were little.

Today’s totally awesome giveaway is a “Weekend Breakfast Celebration” kit complete with new Hungry Jack products and a $175 Visa Gift Card!!!

To enter, simply leave a comment answering this question:

What is your favorite breakfast celebration?

The Rules:

  • Contest closes on Saturday, November 2, 2013 at 10:00 pm MDT
  • Only one comment per person please.
  • Random winner will be announced on Monday, November 4

Thank you to Hungry Jack for sponsoring this awesome giveaway!   Be sure like Hungry Jack on Facebook where you can find recipes, promotions, and more.  You can find more recipes and promotions on the Hungry Jack website.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hungry Jack.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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91 Responses to “Weekend Breakfast Celebration and a {Giveaway!}”

  • Mother’s Day. Hubby makes me waffles with fresh whipped raspberry cream on top. So delish!

  • DC:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is when my kids come home from college. My husband makes a big pancake breakfast like the “old days” and we all share breakfast.

  • Michelle C:

    My favorite is Yay! It’s Sunday! We like to have pancakes and bacon to celebrate.

  • Stephanie:

    My most favorite holiday breakfast is Christmas morning. We get up early, read the Biblical account of Jesus’ birth, open a few gifts and then take a break for a big breakfast! Thx for the opportunity and for your blog!

  • Kathleen:

    Mother’s Day. My children make me breakfast in bed – usually eggs and bacon.

  • Whenever we are about to embark on a vacation or a roadtrip, we start with a big breakfast out!! But at home, Sundays are always big breakfast days in our house. And 9 times out of 10, pancakes are on the menu!!

  • Casey C:

    I love Christmas morning breakfast, we have breakfast casserole and monkey bread.

  • Ann Olsen:

    My favorite breakfast celebration was when the kids were still at home, sleeping in on Saturday morning and my husband and I would be up. I’d make us a nice breakfast and hot cup of tea. We would have a nice quiet breakfast, just the two of us.

  • Susana I.:

    Birthday breakfast :) It’s the only one we have done so far.

  • Sarah H.P.:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is pancakes on Saturday mornings that my dad always used to cook for us! Now I’m trying to keep that tradition going!

  • Becky (central Oragon):

    My favorite is actully New Years Day morning as we gather to watch the rose parade. Its pretty mellow and laid back after the holiday push. Bets are made on the bowl games being played that day and the deals are made on who cleans the kitchen after each game.

  • Anne Marie:

    I love Sunday morning breakfast – we go all out with sausage, french toast/pancakes and fruit bar!

  • Lori:

    I would have to say Mother’s Day – It’s always fun to see what my children come up with for breakfast:)

  • Tressa:

    My favorite breakfast celebration happens twice a year when my church has conference and on those two Sunday mornings we make “conference crepes.” My husband makes them so that’s an extra bonus.

  • Nancy:

    I love our tradition of breakfast casserole on Thanksgiving morning to fill us up before the afternoon feasting begins!!!

  • Katie:

    When my boys were little I would put sprinkles on their pancakes to make them special.
    My favorite comfort breakfast is biscuits and gravy.

  • Any holiday that I get to be off of work and make something special. I love having crepes.

  • Nancy:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is back to school pancakes. We have a lot of fun with them.

  • Shelly:

    I love doing birthday breakfasts!

  • IRMA M.:

    My favorite breakfast celebration was back when our daughter was younger and still at home. My husband would get out the griddle on Saturday morning and make pancakes and bacon, while the daughter and I sat at the breakfast bar and watched. It was just a nice together time!

  • barbara n:

    My favorite breakfast celebration includes a breakfast casserole so no one has to slave over the stove cooking!

  • LINDA:


  • Jenny Z:

    Our “Sunday big breakfast for lunch” every week (or nearly every week anyway).

  • Jen Y:

    we love breakfast & often eat it for supper. Every weekend we cook omelettes with all the breakfast sides & serve hot tea – it’s a weekly celebration.

  • CINDY:

    Any holiday breakfast is my favorite. Preparing the breakfast with the kids is great.

  • Diane Stowe:

    St. Patrick’s Day, make Grandsons green pancakes

  • Jean:

    My favorite is Pancake Night (pancakes for dinner). The whole family loves them, so everyone is happy. In my book, that’s cause for celebration!

  • Susan S:

    Sunday mornings when my husband makes pancakes, they are the best and I love how when the kids who are grown and moved away call on a Sunday and ask if dad made his pancakes for me!!

  • Jessie C.:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is pancakes with fresh berries, fresh orange juice and omelette for weekends.

  • latanya:

    I love Christmas breakfast with french toast, bacon, and eggs with OJ

  • Sheila McNish:

    When our granddaughter Jade, along with her parents and sister, would visit for a weekend, she would always beg for a “family breakfast”. We thought for the longest time it meant she wanted bacon with pancakes, waffles, French toast or eggs, but what she considered a family breakfast was all of us sitting down together for a relaxed weekend morning! She is now 14, but we still make sure we have a family breakfast at least one morning while she is visiting.

  • aly:

    We do breakfast for dinner! Also Abelskievers at Nana’s 3 times a year!

  • Samantha:

    Special mornings when I make homemade cinnamon buns or homemade scones and tea. They are both delicious and take some extra time to make, for special times.

  • My favorite Breakfast celebration is breakfast in bed on Mother’s Day!! I usually get crepes with fruit and it is just absolutely delightful!!

  • Week-end breakfast is the best!Christmas morning is my favorite holiday for a breakfast

  • Tina:

    Sunday breakfast with the paper.

  • Dayna:

    We love every kind of breakfast food! My very favorite (that I always choose for my Mother’s Day breakfast) is Belgian waffles with fresh berries, pure maple syrup infused with cinnamon drizzled over, and whipped cream…mmmm!

  • GG:

    Favorite Breakfast Celebration- Breakfast in Bed! Breakfast lways tastes much more yummy served on a tray with eggs & pancakes made by my husband. Breakfast is my favorite meal- so it doesn’t matter what time of day I have it!

  • Lee:

    The breakfast tradition that I remember the most is Christmas morning breakfast of warm cream bottom Johnny Cake (made from Jiffy mix cornbread mix) covered with warm maple syrup.

    I had never seen the seasonal mixes of Hungry Jack and now I must find the Pumpkin Spice. It sounds just yummy!

  • Lori C.:

    Our favorite breakfast celebration is going to visit Grandpa! He always makes us hot cakes into fun shapes. My girls always ask for Mickey Mouse, but often get an elephant or elephant shape instead. We love being in his home and having his delicious breakfast makes it even better!!!

  • Jenn:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is Christmas brunch. We make all sorts of breakfast foods to eat between the opening of family and Santa presents. It helps the day to last longer and is YUMMMMYYYY!!!

  • Linda L.:

    Saturday brunch with pancakes, scrambled eggs and sausages all covered in real maple syrup! When the kids were young, the pancakes were in the shape of animals or in their initials.

  • My current favorite breakfast celebration is my husband’s weekend off, but when I was a kid I loved Christmas morning breakfast. We always had cinnamon rolls, everyone together. =)

  • Christmas breakfast is my absolute favorite! We all make breakfast together and it’s a feast!

  • Lisa:

    We love to have french toast & bacon! It makes the house smell delicious!

  • Nicole:

    We love to make pancakes and spread peanut butter on it & then pour syrup – oh my gosh! DELCIIOUS

  • carolee c.:

    Now that my girls can cook, they love to make pancakes every Sat. morning! It is really special on the Saturdays we make bacon, too!

  • Trish:

    My favorite is Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. It’s not fancy, but I still love it!

  • Ally:

    I love any holiday breakfast. The whole family’s together, we all sleep late, and we eat a HUGE breakfast!

  • Michelle Masciarelli:

    Breakfast is a celebration all of the time at our house! I love to make Blueberry Pancakes, Banana Pancakes, Apple Cinnamon Pancakes, Belgian Waffles! We always made it a point to always have breakfast together and dinner and on the weekends all three meals! Meal time at our home is time to keep up to date with each other and make sure that everyone is okay and help each other out with day to day happenings!

  • Elena:

    My favorite breakfast celebration is Valentine’s Day breakfast when we make heart-shaped pancakes served with strawberries and whipped cream

  • Beverly:

    Vacation breakfast with my grown kids! we have waffles with carmelized bananas and real whipped cream. It doesn’t get any better. then we all talk about what we want to do for the day!

  • Leanna Morris:

    A favorite is when I have brunch with my siblings and my mother.

  • Jo erouin:

    Christmas morning breakfast

  • Ro:

    Christmas Eve morning!!! French Toast Casserole, Coffee Cake, Breakfast Casserole, fruit….and lots of coffee!!!! The entire family enjoys the meal, then we all work to get Christmas Dinner on the table after church that evening.

  • Debbie Jackson:

    Our favorite is waffles and bacon for any occasion
    roddjackson at hotmail dot com

  • Carla:

    My favorite breakfast tradition is Mother’s Day with spiral cut honeybaked ham and eggs.

  • Mindy:

    I love winter weekend breakfasts, when we know we’ll just stay in and be comfy. A day at home is a celebration in itself, but add pancakes and coffee and it becomes bliss :)

  • Stacie:

    We love using whipped cream, fruit, chocolate chips, and whatever else is around to make shapes on our pancakes to celebrate holidays. Favorites include snow men, reindeer, pumpkins, and bunnies!

  • Anne:

    Weekend summer brunches in our screened-in gazebo on our deck!

  • Michele T:

    I enjoy a Christmas Brunch at my brother’s home… his family make it special every year and it is always something to look forward to!!!

  • my favorite celebration and one that we rarely do for some reason is stuffed french toast. I love french toast but we dont’ often eat it.

  • Lynn Osborne:

    Definitely Mother’s Day in bed! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Dana:

    When my daughter makes crepes with blackberries & cream. Yummmm

  • Aimee:

    When my kids sleep in past 6am

  • pam in illinois:

    I love working on the Sunday crossword puzzle with a cup of coffee and some bacon and eggs. Sometimes just cinnamon rolls. Oh, that first cup of coffee in the morning! Heaven.

  • Misty West:

    Birthdays are the best mornings at our house. We always have the table covered in confetti and balloons. The Birthday boy/girl gets to pick the meal….it is usually confetti pancakes, sausage links, hashbrowns, cheesy eggs and hot cocoa. Then to finish off the special meal we always have cupcakes! Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Cathy:

    Easter morning brunch – Belgian waffles and sausage, orange juice (maybe with a little champagne!!) And lots of coffee!

  • Lee:

    My favorite breakfast tradition is St. Lucias Day , Dec 13th. We have cinn. rolls, coffee and hot cocoa! It starts out the holiday season for my family!

  • gina lovejoy:

    when I raised my children we had a big breakfast every weekend and most week days they had a more than cold cereal. I have an in home childcare and these little guys only have cold cereal so we have a big breakfast here the works 2 times a week. The kids enjoy the whole day

  • Shaun:

    My favorite holiday breakfast is Christmas morning. When my son still lived at home we would open presents and then have breakfast which included homemade cinnamon rolls. Yum!

  • Kim:

    My favorite breakfast tradition is Thanksgiving morning! Cinnamon rolls and coffee cake while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade!

  • Andrea in Maine:

    Birthday breakfast in bed! Whatever the person’s favorite meal is, in bed. Sometimes it has to be moved to the weekend near their birthday, as my daughter needs to be at school bright and early!

  • rachel:

    Christmas morning: we make homemade cinnamon rolls, delicious hot coffee, fruit and a casserole. So good!

  • Most Saturdays I try to make a bigger cooked breakfast since I’m not around most mornings for them (I have a lady that comes and gets them ready and takes them to school) and then Sunday is too crazy with 9am church.

  • Natalie H.:

    On Christmas day we all go to my parent’s house with our families for Breakfast/brunch. My dad makes the best dutch oven potato and sausage breakfast. It just wouldn’t be Christmas without it!

  • Tara G:

    Christmas morning breakfast is the best. We usually have cinnamon rolls which are so yummy and make the house smell good.

  • Kate:

    Grew up in the south and we love yummy greasy breakfast. A favorite is biscuits and sausage gravy. We make it almost every Saturday morning!

  • Rachel:

    Leftover birthday cake the next morning!

  • Lenis:

    We love week-end breakfast with Bacon and anything else. Some like waffles, some French toast, some eggs, but everyone loves Bacon.


    Christmas morning is our favorite breakfast celebration. We try to have everyone’s favorite breakfast food available.

  • Fran Daoust:

    I love Christmas Morning. My hubby cooks breakfast. Yum!

  • Sue:

    Sleepover breakfasts with chocolate chip pancakes, juice, and fresh strawberries.

  • Michelle R:

    Saturday morning waffles or pancakes with bacon. Yum!!

  • The day after Thanksgiving when my family and my husbands siblings and their family hoe to my mother in laws and make Lefse for the Christmas holiday. We eat cinnamon rolls while we are rolling.

  • Alaine:

    Sunday morning pancakes!

  • Ashley H:

    I love Christmas breakfast. My mom makes her sausage casserole. So delicious!

  • Stephanie Gossett:

    I love Christmas morning breakfast. We get to travel and see my dad, who can no longer come to us. Precious minutes! I would love to win this, and take him a very special breakfast this year!


  • Kim Bruns:

    Christmas morning. We do a breakfast casserole and cinnamon rolls. Yummmy!

  • Elle Anderson:

    I love Monkey Bread!

  • Peggy Shrout:

    I love making breakfast on Christmas morning and celebrating all the fun the day has in store!


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