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Fun and Easy Lemon Coolers

Here is something fun in anticipation of the warm summer days to come, and the kids who will be out of school soon.  Lemon Coolers are a quick and easy treat.

They are so easy, you can make them on a hot and drowsy summer afternoon.

They are so fun and pretty, make them for a summer party.

All you need is a fresh lemon and a 5 inch candy stick.  We like a pink lemonade or a raspberry flavored stick best.

Start by rolling your lemon back and forth on the counter to get juices flowing.

If you are serving them on a platter, you can slightly trim off the very end, so the lemon will stand nicely.  If it’s just for the kids to hold, you can leave the end on.

Cut a little triangle, about the width of your peppermint stick, out of the upper side of the lemon… or use a small corer if you have one.  I like when the hole is slightly smaller than the stick for a nice fit.

Insert the stick.  It will take a few minutes of sucking before the stick forms a “straw” of sorts…. and VOILA you have lemonade.  The longer you suck, the more juice that flows.  The sweet sugary stick makes the lemonade just right.  Now all I need is a little sunshine to go with my lemonade.

If you have a lemon,

make Lemonade.

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