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Q-tips for My Favorite Things: Sewing Machine Clean-up

My sewing machine is one of my favorite things.

But despite that, I don’t clean it nearly often enough.  It usually gets cleaned when I lower my bobbin door to find a lint free-for-all.  It seams like some brands of threads are WAY more linty than others.  Some fabrics are super linty too.  (Halloween costumes anyone?)

If your machine is acting up, the first thing to try is cleaning.  Lint, dust and broken thread can often affect things like thread tension.  Once I thought something was majorly wrong with my machine, so I cleaned it thoroughly before taking to the repair shop.  Guess what?  It was all the lint under the needle plate and in the feed dog that was throwing things off.  Cleaning fixed it.

Whenever my machine needs a spruce up, always grab my box of  Q-tips.  It’s the best tool for getting into the hard to reach spots and clinging to the lint.

I like the little nylon brush that came with my machine too, and it’s perfect for cleaning some parts, but the Q-tips clings to lint and most importantly the dust much better than the brush.

If your machine is the type that needs oiling (like the old Singer I inherited from my husband’s grandmother) a Q-tip is invaluable.   I’m so happy my everyday machine doesn’t need oiling.

First thing I cleaned around the top of my needle and walking foot.  (Boohoo.  Can you see my broken needle threader?)

Oh yah!  Look how dusty!  Remove the needle plate following your machine’s instruction manual.  Remove the presser foot too.

The Q-tip is perfect for cleaning and dusting under the plate.  I like to slightly dampen it so the dust really clings.  (Emphasis on slightly since machines and water don’t mix!)  A needle or pin can be helpful if you’ve got a lot of lint lodged around the feed dog.

One thing I’ve been warned not to use is a can of pressurized air.  It can blow the lint and dust deep into the machine parts.  Not good.

Yep.  My machine was dusty dirty…

There’s always lots of lint in around the bobbin.

If I’m really feeling energetic, a Q-tip is perfect for cleaning the small spaces in the accessory tray.

A nice wipe down with a soft cloth…  the whole thing only took a few minutes….

And I can get back to doing what I love.


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Disclosure: I’m a Tipster ambassador and this is a sponsored post by Q-tip.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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5 Responses to “Q-tips for My Favorite Things: Sewing Machine Clean-up”

  • julie:

    Thanks for the great “tip”,
    I also love your dresden.
    On a totally unrelated note. Our book club in our ward read Washinton’s Lady last month and it was wonderful.
    Thankgs Julie

  • I, too, love Q-tips for cleaning my sewing machine…and I absolutely love the Dresden!

  • sandyb720:

    Thank you for your tip! I am a q-tip-aholic! I use them for cleaning everything.

    I love your Dresden – beautiful!

  • Maureen:

    I add a drop or two of machine oil to my Q-tip and it grabs all the lint and oils my machine too, without adding unwanted moisture. I learned this in a class from Libby Lehman, a fabulous machine quilter and national teacher.

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