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Q-tip Tip: Furniture Touch-up

Hi everyone,  today I’m sharing a video post.  It’s a tip for touching up those inevitable scratches or (ouch!) gouges in your wood furniture.  So even if it’s painful to see myself on video… at least you get to see my dog Finn… and he’s cute even if he is naughty.

This tip works great for most wood furniture, but if you have an antique, please check with an expert before you make any touch-ups or repairs.

Disclosure: I’m a Tipster ambassador and this is a sponsored post by Q-tip.  All opinions and ideas are my own.

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4 Responses to “Q-tip Tip: Furniture Touch-up”

  • Mary Ellen:

    Love that tip. I have a naughty dog too who has scratched the seat of a wooden rocker. Going out to get that scratch polish right away. Do you have any good tips for removing the white water rings left by glasses placed on a wooden table without a coaster?

  • Holly:

    I’m enjoying these q-tip posts. We only used q-tips for ears and for sewing machines. It’s fun to hear of all the other uses. Who knew? I’ll try today’s scratch polish suggestion on our dining room table.

  • Daisha:

    Great tip! Where do you get the scratch polish from?

  • Amy:

    From where did you purchase the Old English Scratch Polish? Thank you in advance!

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