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Picture Frame Tip- Keeping it all Straight

Image via Apartment Therapy

A friend and I got together a few weeks ago to sew.  In her craft room she has a darling picture wall- framed art projects from her children.

As we worked on our projects, I notice her scowl at the wall, then she jumped up and straightened a few pictures.

Every time the kids slam a door or run through the house a few pictures go awry.

Here’s a quick tip to solve that problem.

I use a product like Elmer’s Tac ‘N Stik Reusable AdhesiveA little dab is all that’s needed at the center bottom of your frame.  It sticks the frame to the wall and it stays put.   When it comes time to remove the picture… the adhesive comes off without any trouble.

I’ve used both white and yellow tack.  I used the blue once, it was in a rented home with cheap white paint, but it left a little stain on my wall… so I stay away from blue.

If you’re having trouble keeping it all straight, I hope this little tip helps.

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