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One Little Resolution

OK, I know I said I didn’t make a long list of resolutions this year.  You know, those pesky, guilt-invoking resolutions that go by the wayside when life gets busy.

This year I simply decided on a few things that need to happen.  Just a few.  They aren’t resolutions.  They are just things that NEED to happen… yahdah, yahdah… a rose by any other name?

First on my list is, I need to get in shape.  Is that on your list too?  Yes, I ate too much Bread Pudding, and CHOCOLATE and Spinach Dip over the holidays.  I’m feeling guilty…. and sluggish.   Now that it’s January, I need to kick my rear end into shape!

But that’s not the resolution thing that needs to happen that I want to talk about.

It’s my home that needs help.  It’s been a busy few months, and when I haven’t been working, we’ve been having fun.  My home has been the bottom of my priority list and it shows.  It needs a serious, deep-down cleaning and organizing.

For me, spring cleaning never works out that well in the spring anyway.  I want to be out in the garden in the spring.  Cleaning in January just feels right.  It’s darn cold outside, what better thing is there to do?  Plus all the organizers are on sale.

Today I’ve been making a cleaning schedule.  My messiest, highest priorities come first.  I’ve also got a few projects in mind to help my family keep things organized.

We need a big calendar that is accessible to all.  We also need a place to keep notes and reminders.  I love the look of this Linen Pin Board from Pottery Barn.  And my first thought was: “I can make that… and cheap.”  I just need to work out the calender part of it.  It needs to be big and something I can write a lot of stuff on.  My creative wheels are turning and I can’t wait to get it done.

My next project is a detergent can for my Laundry Room.  I use the big box of detergent from Costco and it doesn’t fit in my cupboard or under my counter.  I saw this tin long ago in my Ballard Design catalog and loved it.  What I didn’t love was the price tag, so I never ordered it.  Even if I did want to splurge, they don’t carry it any more.  That’s OK it’s also something I can make.  Char from Crap I’ve Made shows exactly how.  It would look great in my laundry room and be functional too.  With a price tag of less than $10, it’s on my “To Do” list along with a few other fun projects for my laundry room.

I’ve also got some sewing projects for my home in mind… finishing my son’s quilt, new pillows for the family room, a duvet cover, and maybe, just maybe bean bags for the kids.  I can’t wait to hear the whir of my sewing machine!

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6 Responses to “One Little Resolution”

  • Hey I love your calendar book that you show in the picture. would you mind telling me where you purchased it?
    thanks julie

    • Calli:

      Hi Julie, So far, I love my new planner. It was sent to me by the company for me to review it. It is the Ecosystem Advisor from http://www.ecosystemlife.com. If I like it after putting it through it’s paces, I will write a little review on the planner later this month. My impression so far is that the planner is earth-friendly, well-made, simple without being simplistic, and stylish. I hope that helps! cheers, Calli

  • beth:

    new couch pillow is on my list too!

  • Kim:

    I just made a giant linen board for our living room wall and it was SO easy. Go to any lumberyard and ask them for Homasote (basically compressed paper/glue/wood fiber — sometimes the employees will know it better as MDF). The sheets of it are about $25 around here for a 4′ x 8′ sheet.

    Considering, the cost of the board + linen + staples and that you could actually make about 6 bulletin boards to pay for the one from Pottery Barn is kind of ridiculous.

    Search the Apartment Therapy website for ‘huge bulletin board’ and you’ll come up with lots of advice and information. :)

  • Those are my top 2 “things that need to happen” too. The problem is I just had a baby and only want to snuggle!

    I’d LOVE to see how you do it if you make the beanbags, by the way:)

  • mary:

    I love your idea of planning the deep cleaning earlier in the year and spending spring outdoors as well as actually designating a specific chore for each day. This has inspired me to do the same! Hopefully I will be able to actually accomplish this!

    On a side note: A few months ago I made a “lazyman’s” version of a GIANT BEAN BAG. I scoured the internet and had a difficult time finding anything helpful so I put it on my newly formed blog ~ I just started this summer as a way to communicate with my sister who lives out of the country but there is a short tutorial about how I made the bean bag if it helps you at all! here is the link http://marypinkflowers.blogspot.com/2010/08/giant-bean-bag.html

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