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Dryer Sheet Thrift

I get such a kick out of finding a clever new use out of an everyday item.  Especially something I would have otherwise thrown away.

Dryer sheets are one of those things.  They can be down right handy.  Here’s a few alternate uses for dryer sheets:

Re-purposed Dryer Sheet #1:

A few weeks ago I was ironing fusible web for my girl’s school bags.  I wasn’t being careful because I melted a piece of web to my iron, leaving a sticky goo.

I did a quick web search and came across an article from Real Simple.  They recommended turning the iron on low and rubbing it with a new dryer sheet until the iron comes clean.

Why not?  I turned my iron to it’s lowest setting and got out a dryer sheet.  But even at its lowest setting my iron was hotter than I was comfortable with.  I unplugged the iron and let it cool for a minute before scrubbing.  The iron was still nice and warm, but not hot enough to burn me.  Maybe my iron has a higher “low” setting than the folks at Real Simple?  But despite the iron being unplugged, the dryer sheet worked like a charm.  It left a little oily residue on my iron plate which I wiped off with a clean cloth when I was done.  Presto my iron was good as new.

Re-purposed Dryer Sheet #2:

My family has stinky shoes-  my son’s soccer cleats, my girl’s Keens and the dead mouse we thought we found in their closet that turned out to be their wet Uggs.  I’ve found some good solutions for washing shoes, but in between washings, throw a USED dryer sheet into the shoes.  It works wonders by neutralizing the smell.  Throwing a used dryer sheet into my son’s soccer bag also works like a charm too.  Bye, Bye Stink.

Re-purposed Dryer Sheet #3:

I mentioned a tip last week about using dryer sheets to clean my blinds. The dryer sheets are anti-static and it got me thinking, if it works for dusting blinds, why not other things too.  On electrical equipment for instance, a used dryer sheet is perfect for dusting DVD players, printers, video game console etc.  And to think I’ve been throwing used dryer sheets away all this time.

Last but not least, a great way to save money on your dryer sheets is to tear them in half.  I always use 1/2 a sheet per load and they still work great- plus it doubles my loads per box.

You can also find great coupons for dryer sheets at Arm & Hammer.

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This is a sponsored post for Church & Dwight Co., Inc, the maker of ARM & HAMMER branded products, who is paying me to try different products. Save $1.00 on ARM & HAMMER Essentials Fabric Softener Sheets.  And then head over to The Switch & Save Challenge to keep up with all of the bloggers and enter to win $25,000.

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15 Responses to “Dryer Sheet Thrift”

  • Stacie:

    If you have a stinky trash can, you can put new dryer sheets in and it will remove the smell! We are required to keep our dumpster in our garage and the smell was awful until I discovered this tip!

  • Deborah:

    Thanks for sharing, I happen to have a gunky iron right now!

  • Linda L.:

    I don’t throw out dryer sheets ever. I use them to stuff toys, etc. instead of buying fibrefill. Clean panty hose and knee-highs can also be used.

  • Shanon:

    Use a dry dryer sheet to do your windows or mirrors. Use them to clean your showers or cieling fans. Once you open the box of dryer sheets save the aroma by putting them in a ziplock bag and close after every use. Put them in your dresser drawers or in between your couch for fresh home sent, vaccum bags or around the vaccuum filter. Lastly in your stored away season clothes, jackets, sheets and blankets.

  • Good tip about removing the iron residue – I didn’t know that.

  • Kte Jackson:

    I use them to remove soap scum from my clear shower doors! Works like a charm!

    • Yvonne:

      Do you use a new or a used dryer sheet for your clear shower doors? I have glass shower doors and I am always having to scrub the soap scum off as well no matter how much I wipe them down after a shower.

      • Nancy:

        a nice easy inexpensive way to clean your glass shower doors is putting equal amounts of Dawn liquid dish soap and white vinegar in one of those hand held dish washing sponges and scrubbing the door and whole shower! It cleans in minutes and smells fantastic! I use a squeegee on my windows ( using the same solution in a spray bottle) to clean them after. Wash, rinse and squeegee! Fantastic! No streaks!!

  • Anna:

    I use old dryer sheets to clean out the dryer vent. It’s scrubby enough, smells nice, and I don’t have lint all over the house this way.

  • Raina:

    Used dryer sheets work great for removing deoderant off your clothes. You know how sometimes when you get dressed you get deoderant marks on your clothes, well it works like a charm and takes the deoderant marks right off. Learned this tip on TV somewhere.

  • Amanda:

    Great tips! I take my used dryer sheets and put them in my closet. It helps keep my linens from smelling like…well a closet!
    Dallas Laundry Care

  • debbi lanier:

    I spray used dryer sheets with frebreeze and reuse or you can use body mist to give it a new scent for your clothes.

  • ashlee walls:

    wet it a little bit and it takes soap scum right off. If its bad soap scum, teen boy that plays sports kind lol, A little elbow grease and it comes off easily. It even takes off caked on hair spray off tiles. What a great money and time saver. The cheap work just as great as the pricier ones. I Love the smell it leaves behind too. Beautiful shiny bathroom :)

  • [...] All you have to do is put your iron on a low setting. I had to wait for mine to cool off! Put down a towel or other fabric to protect your ironing board from your iron, and possibly your iron from your ironing board if you got sticky stuff all over it. I need a new iron cover now. Next, get a dryer sheet and iron over it until all the sticky stuff is gone. Your iron will have an oily residue that needs to be wiped off with a clean cloth, and you are good to go! This is a great tip from Make It Do. [...]

  • Shelley:

    Dryer sheets are also great to take static out of your hair :)

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