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J & J Wedding Day


Last Saturday was the wedding of my little brother Josh to his beautiful new wife Jen.  They are such a striking couple.

It was a wonderful wedding… organic, beautiful but not fussy, and very fun.  Here are a few highlights from the night:


I loved the clothesline of photographs… some of the bride and groom together and some of them as children.  We also hung J’s… for Josh and Jen… and butterflies cut out of newspaper or brown paper.


The wedding had many recycled and reusable items… newspaper paper crafts, mason jars for flowers and lanterns, and potted plants in place of cut flowers.


The reception was held on the outdoor patio of Cafe Molise in downtown Salt Lake City.  The food there is an absolute treat if you are looking to splurge a little and you happen to be in Utah.  The staff was amazing.  I just need to say a special thanks to Shelley, the manager from the restaurant.  She worked so hard to make every detail of the evening special (and it was!)  She deserves a raise!


You’ve never seen sweeter flower girls… here’s my daughter Lily…. OK, I might be a bit prejudiced.


Here’s my brother’s beautiful daughters… do you see what I mean about the flowers girls?


Jen is from Scotland and so a bagpiper was essential.  Let me tell you, nothing will give you goosebumps like hearing a piper play Loch Lomond.

Since Jen moved from Scotland to South Africa for much of her childhood, there were some fun South African traditions as well, like toasts in Afrikaans, singing, and best of all (in my opinion) delicious Milk Tarts as one of the desserts.


The photo booth was a riot.  I saw 8 people in it at once… and we couldn’t keep the nieces and nephews out of it.  (The pictures were unlimited.)IMG_6387

After getting your photo strip (2 copies) you could keep one as a memento.  You glued the other strip onto a scrapbook page and wrote a note/wish for the bride and groom.

I also loved the movie Casablanca playing silently on the large side of the building…  a wonderful touch.  And we all loved dancing.  I personally didn’t dance because I was nearly crippled from wearing heels (I don’t know how people wear them everyday!)  But I loved sitting down for a moment and watching.  I only wish I had a video of my daughter Emma and my nephew Will.  They boogied the night away.  I don’t know were Emma got her hot moves from… certainly not from me!


I loved the hand written signs for the desserts.  Most of the desserts were homemade with the exception of the Chocolate Eclairs from Carol’s Bakery in Salt Lake.  There were Key Lime Cupcakes, Chocolate Cupcakes, Pavlovas, Milk Tarts and Chocolate Eclairs… all yummy.


On a lighter note… I got a chuckle at the “lover duckies” on top of a very simple wedding cake…  I love that Jen didn’t feel the need to spend hundreds of dollars on a pretty but inedible cake (I’ve tasted a few of those.)  I love that she spent her money on the things that really mattered to her.  And the cake just wasn’t top of her list… but if she was going to eat a bit of cake, it better taste good… so we got a cake from Glaus’ Bakery in Salt Lake City and it was delicious even if it was simple.


What a happy perfect day.  I loved every minute of it.  Congratulations Josh and Jen.  I wish you a long and happy life together… and many more days as lovely as Saturday.

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9 Responses to “J & J Wedding Day”

  • Dena:

    Sounds like everyone had a wonderful time. The bride and groom look great together. I love her wedding dress. When my husband and I married ten years ago, we had an outdoor wedding in my sister’s garden. Rather than spending a lot of money on things we really didn’t care for, we spent our money on having a catered BBQ for all of the guests and a live band. The BBQ and band were a huge success. I’m really glad we focused on what was important for us. Sharing our special moment with family and friends. Thank you for sharing!

  • Lily:

    Calli, The wedding was absolutely beautiful! Thanks to you, your amazing family and Jen’s creativity, the wedding was stunning. I loved all the little touches. Josh & Jenn are a darling couple. I also wish them a happy life together!

  • Looks like a lovely day with a lot of wonderful details – I especially love the photo booth idea!

  • Gorgeous photos! Calli I really think you and your mom could rival Martha any day! What a beautiful event. And it looks like so much fun too. [I love Cafe Molise too.]

  • That sounds absolutely amazing! All of it! Thanks for all of the ideas (we’ll have to try that restaurant sometime). I love the photo booth and the simple yet delicious cake. It’s sad to say, but I sort of wish I could redo my reception. Shhh, don’t tell my mom. It’s sad. But it sounds like you and Jen put on a fantastic party!

  • Beautiful- so simple and so classy!

    Amber, me too. I just wish I had seen all the fun tutorials, ideas, and tips that I’ve seen now before I planned it! Ah well… I’ll stash them away for suggesting to friends.

  • Jessica:

    It was such a beautiful wedding! You all did such a wonderful job! Josh and Jen looked great and are an amazing couple! How exciting to have another South African in the family!
    I loved the photobooth! I thought it was so much fun and a great idea for signing in! We had a lot of fun and loved the night!

  • Beautiful wedding! Love the pictures

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