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A Step Back in Time

This past weekend our family visited A Step Back in Time Nativity in Alpine, Utah.  Amid the hustle and bustle of the season, we always look forward to this tradition.  We had to bundle up and brave the bitter cold of the evening.  But, despite frigid temperatures, we were all touched by the loveliness of this unique live Nativity.

Let’s face it, it’s easy for Christmas to be all about Santa and gifts for the kids.  Going to this Nativity helps my children see that Christmas is more meaningful.  A Step Back in Time Nativity wonderfully recreates Bethlehem, with weavers, tanners, millers, a blacksmith and even a few Roman soldiers. There are also real camels, sheep, goats, geese and a donkey which the kids loved.  After making our way through “Bethlehem” we were led along a candlelit path to a barn where a small choir sang Christmas carols from above. As we entered the barn we saw Mary and Joseph and their baby in a real manger. I am always amazed at how when the kids enter the barn they fall quiet and are content to simply watch in awe the sweet family sitting quietly in the manger. The trip back in time to Bethlehem with its serene setting in a rustic barn creates such a wonderful peaceful feeling that stays with us and is a welcome contrast to our harried lives.

For those who live in Utah, tonight is the last night. The event is free. However, the family that created this Nativity collects donations, in honor of their mother, for the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

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4 Responses to “A Step Back in Time”

  • This is so cool! I am in PA however…

  • jenn:

    we went to I think the same thing up here in Draper – I wonder if they travel around a little bit before Christmas? Anyway, I agree it was amazing and a wonderful way to remember the real reason for the Season and my kids did the same thing once we entered the stable.

  • Our town (Las Vegas) has a live Nativity. As a return missionary back in December 1995, I remember it was one of my first outings after I got home. (I went with my parents) It was beautiful. Everyone should experience a live Nativity. There’s really nothing quite like it. Magical.

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