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Halloween Costumes

It’s Halloween and all I have to share is a few pictures of costumes…

I haven’t had time for much else this week.  I did keep the swearing under control…. but I must confess a profound dislike of satins, crepes, polyester broadcloth, and sheers…

With costumes I hold to the galloping horse philosophy.  If you can’t see the mistake from a galloping horse, it doesn’t really matter.  So don’t look too closely!

The little gypsy costume is Simplicity 0532.  This costume pattern is a gem, easy to make and versatile.

If you drop by our home tomorrow my little gypsy will probably tell you your fortune.  It will likely have something to do with a mysterious stranger and hidden gold in your future.

This no ordinary knight.  It’s a Templar knight.  I didn’t have a pattern for this costume… (always fun when trying to make a sleeve fit!) but I did use Simplicity Pattern 5520 (which I had from a few years back) for a rough guide of how to make the hood.  That pattern only goes to size 8 and my son is a 12.

The Red Queen is Simplicity 0804. This pattern was also well made with the exception of what I am sure is a mistake on the instructions for putting on the fur trim.  It was my most involved costume with the chevron on the dress, and making the jacket with lining.  I think I must have cut out 30 pattern pieces for this one.  Phew… I’m glad that’s done. 

Don’t you just love the back of that jacket!  And check out the curls on my normally straight haired girl.  A night in foam curlers can do wonders…. even if it’s hard on your sleep!  (Good thing they weren’t born in the ’50′s!

There’s the crew.


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12 Responses to “Halloween Costumes”

  • The pattern you used for the queen I used last year for a witch. I loved it so much that I used it for Christmas dresses. I made a satin and floral sheer for the dress and burgandy velvet for the jacket. Like a fool I waited until the last minute and had to sew two of them in one day. I love the queen though super cute all of them.

  • wow, you have put in so much work! lucky kids and lovely costumes.

  • Wow! I’m amazed. I hope your kids truly appreciate all the work you put into those. This was my first year trying to make a costume, and, though my son is pleased with it, I hope next year we can do a little better.

  • Wow – their costumes look amazing!! You are very talented :)
    Happy Halloween!

  • Bobbie23nc:

    Excellent job. My days of making costumes for Halloween are sadly over until I get grandchildren. The children will always remember when they wore these and what a blessing it was to have a mother who cared enough to do this for them. Good work!

  • elsa:

    ooh, they are all wonderful, you did a lovely job!
    don’t have any little kids anymore. My son and D-I-L dressed up as zombies last weekend to do the Zombie Walk in Portland, Oregon … not sweet at all (which I know is what Halloween can be about). They were scary looking.

  • jenna harlow:

    Wow! What great looking kids and how lucky to have such a talented Mom. Hope they have a fun filled Halloween! I’ve been eating those pumpkin cookies the entire day.

  • Wow!!!!
    Beautiful costumes…I also did costumes for my children, then for my grandchildren…yours are very beautiful!

  • I would expect nothing less from you – perfect costumes.

  • Oh, I share your dislike of satins. Why are all of those costume fabrics the hardest to sew on?
    The costumes turned out so cute! I love them. I made that Knight costume once, the kids still love to play dress up with it!

  • Alexa:

    I, too, used the Simplicity gypsy pattern again this year. Last year for the witch (love the cape) and this year for the angel (hate that my daughter would not wear any of the 4 sets of wings we own and HAD to have a new set from the pattern).

    I’ve also used it for nightgowns, without the sashes and accessories. It’s SO quick and easy to put together and there are so many cute flannels out there.

  • I made the Red Queen costume for my daughter a few years ago. I was finishing it at the last possible minute and ended up in tears because I couldn’t figure out how to follow those dang fur directions. It ended up with no fur – who was gonna know! I went on a costume strike for the last two years. Next year I will make costumes again!

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