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British Invasion

Check out this amazing Union Jack cake from the BBC food recipes.

I’m planning a little birthday party for my girls with a British Tea theme.  I’ve spent a little time poking around Pinterest and the web looking for ideas for the party.

I’m not sure I could pull this cake off… or if I want to even try… but my girls are dying for me to make it!  Maybe… if they help me.

I love this wonderful Union Jack quilt I spotted on the French General’s blog.  There were several wonderful Union Jack quilts I photographed at the last Spring’s Quilt Market.

But I’m pretty sure I could swing a bunting like this one.

I’m not sure how much I’ll get done, but I know I’m in better shape than…

Image via Pinterest- original Etsy source not found- dang!

And after the profusion of Keep Calm posters…  I was really amused by this “or not” version. Not for my 10 year olds’ party, but I had a good laugh.

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5 Responses to “British Invasion”

  • Nancy:

    I agree about the Keep Calm posters. I have never really liked them–but this one, this one I love and would hang in my office.

    Thanks for the laugh! And good luck with the High Tea!

  • CarrieBeth:

    Thanks for sharing the Bloody Hell poster. I laughed out loud! I have to admit that 2 years ago as I was trying to keep newborn triplets fed and diapered, Keep Calm and Carry On got me through it. Now that they are walking and much more independent, the Bloody Hell sentiment seems just about perfect. Good luck with your British tea. Sounds like so much fun!

  • That cake is fantastic. You need to give it a try. I am sure whatever you do will be great. Are you going to go for ‘cucumber sandwiches’?

  • Ha! That poster is fantastic. Love it, want one. Good luck with that insanely complicated-looking cake…

  • Carole:

    Since my husband is British we’re big on British themed stuff around here. I think it could be cute to also have a British phone booth for the girls to take pictures in.

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