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Wonderful Beards


The other day while I was weeding my flower garden, I was thinking about how many things I love with beards…

My bearded irises are so beautiful right now.


There’s my dog Finn of course…  I love him to pieces.


And my hero, Abraham Lincoln.  His attitude, wit, and wisdom are a great inspiration to me.

Speaking of his beard, have you heard of the children’s book called Mr. Lincoln’s Whiskers?  It’s a delightful book about a little girl named Grace Bedell who writes a letter to Mr. Lincoln suggesting his face might look better with whiskers… It’s based on a true story and the real letters are shown at the back of the book.  It’s very sweet.

But now to my favorite beard of all:

My Dad’s…

It’s his birthday today and I want to let him to know how much I love him.  He has been there for me through good times and bad…

My doctor wouldn’t wait for my husband, Drew to arrive from a 50 mile commute for the emergency c-section of my twin daughters.  I was only 26 weeks (6 1/2 months) pregnant, and without Drew, I knew I was going to face one of the worst moments of my life alone.  My doctor asked me to prepare myself… they didn’t think my little Lily was going to live.  As they rushed me down to the delivery room, I looked up to see my Dad walking down the corridor.  He had been on his way to an appointment, when he felt inspired to come see me instead.  He was there to hold my hand and give me strength when I think my own might have failed me.

Thanks Dad…  for everything… I hope you have a wonderful birthday!  I love you.

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6 Responses to “Wonderful Beards”

  • awww how sweet. I hope that your Dad has a wonderful birthday. It’s great to have such a caring Dad.

  • Dad:

    Wow, imagine my surprise! Thank you my dear for a wonderful birthday gift.

    I love you more than life!!


  • Brooke:

    Gosh you almost brought me to tears thinking of that day you had the girls. I remember so well the phone call and desperately trying to get a hold of dad to tell him and he was already there. He is the most wonderful and amazing person. Dad we all love you so much. You are our rock! I hope you have a wonderful bday!

  • aren’t our Dad’s the best!

  • Aw what a sweet post. I’m a beard lover too. When my husband grows his out I love it.

  • Fidge:

    Great picture of Big D I must say. And We love your dad too. I think he is admired and loved by plenty….When I need good advise, I always seem to call him. Whenever we are asked to name a couple with a great marriage, “D ” and Les are the ones we name! We love your whole family. Darling aprons….wonderful blog….I even bought club soda!!!

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