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4th of July Parade Costumes

Looking for a few ideas for your neighborhood 4th of July parade?  Our last year’s totally awesome parade theme was:

Celebrating Heroes…..

That’s why Lily and Ben chose to be WWII Paratroopers from the 101st Airborne Division.

Their “parachutes” were just large plastic garbage sacks cut open.  I really wanted them to fly, and even tried getting one of those super large balloons to try, but…of course, the weight of the plastic sent the balloon crashing to the ground.  I should have paid more attention in science class… I would have known that already.

I hate to choose favorites… but Emma’s costume was my favorite.

OK, so it wasn’t an exact match to my favorite picture.  What we were doing what we could, with what we had.

Later today I’ll be posting a recipe for my very favorite “Buddy Loves Baked Beans” recipe so be sure to check back.

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